Zootopia Crime Files: Hidden Object Cheats, Tips and Guide

Zootopia Crime Files: Hidden Object is a great mystery-solver for the young. So if you are looking for a peaceful game for you or your kids to pass the time, then here it is. Find hidden clues and solve crime mysteries with familiar and trusty Officer Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde, and the gang! Excited yet? Here’s our Zootopia Crime Files cheats list to help you enjoy the game better!

Zootopia-Crime-Files-Hidden-Object cheats, tips and guide

Game premise and objectives.

You play as officer Judy Hopps, trying to find objects and clues per mission, with the help of your friends. You are given five objects to look for each time, written on the bottom of the crime scene. Each word gets ticked when you find the object. You are under time limit and the quicker you find all the objects, the better your rating will be.

Memorise the crime scene.

Picture the crime scene on your mind and try to remember it. You may need to go back to the same scene every time. However, you will also be required to solve OTHER crime scenes in between to somehow confuse you. If you can solve each mystery on one scene first, then do so. Don’t jump to a different one until you’re done with the mystery on one scene.

Save those hints.

This game starts pretty easy and it gradually gets tougher the longer you stay in the game. You’ll be better off using those hints sparingly. Pick someone who can help you multiple number of times when you get to the more difficult part of the game. Don’t forget to use your free hints when needed, but don’t use them all for bigger objects that are easier to find. Also, press-hold each of the words to get a clue of the object’s shape. This can help you save those oh-so-important hints.

Replay the scenes.

Go back to the scenes over and over to really be able to scrutinise all of the small details. Also, remember each of the interviews and the required clues that you need to look for before you accuse someone. They all need to be present in a suspect, so you won’t make a mistake apprehending a character. Consume all of the available energy for an investigation to earn stars after each stage! Starts extend your much-needed energy to help you keep playing.

Look for objects even before the stage starts.

There is a small time allowance before you can start working on a crime scene but that doesn’t mean you can’t already look for the objects that you need to find. You get a few seconds’ head start, so you can find the items and quickly tap on them without a breather, and then earn more stars!

There you have it. Hope you find our Zootopia Crime Files cheats useful. In case you were wondering, this game is also known as Zootropolis, so might as well call this list Zootropolis Crime Files cheats, too! Comment below if you have more ideas and tips to add!

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