Zombie Island Cheats, Tips and Guide

Zombie Island is a unique pixel game where you initially play as a lone zombie that attacks and infects the living, and they subsequently get added to your horde! This is a rather fun and colourful take on the apocalyptic concept of the undead and you will surely enjoy trying to attack different types of targets. Read on to find out how to go about attacking the living with our Zombie Island cheats and guide to make a good offensive.

zombie island cheats tips guide

Features and objectives of the game.

Your aim is to attack the living to increase your horde and overrun the city. Some weapon-carrying characters in the game will make your life a bit difficult, but that’s part of the fun. You can easily gobble them up by bringing your horde to them.

Game has simple pixelated graphics and ridiculous sound of screaming victims and groaning zombies.

Get to know the controls and the screen features.

Learn how everything works, so you can easily control your horde and avoid roadblocks or living guys who have weapons. You can guide the undead to any direction, however, the bigger your horde gets, the harder it is to control them.

On the upper left corner of the display, you will see how many more living people you need to attack to clear the stage or to simply keep count.

How to avoid gun-wielding characters.

Characters with guns can easily finish off your horde, if you are not careful. Remember, yours is strength in numbers; without the pack of undead behind you, you’re good as done. To avoid guys with guns, run around obstacles like vehicles, buildings, or basically anything that could potentially block the bullet’s way. Some of your zombie friends will surely fall, but once you get near the gun-toting guy, you can easily swarm and infect him.

Save coins and unlock interesting zombie characters.

Collect tons of coins to unlock fun characters along the way. You’ll certainly enjoy the game better having these quirky zombies around.

Aside from coins that you see on the streets, you can also save some by watching video ads. You can also destroy vehicles for that occasional gold coin. These coins are quite important for unlocking new features and easy game progression.

Pros and cons of a big horde.

Having a bigger horde somehow provides you a leverage from those that might fight back with guns. For this reason, it is important to eat up the living to make sure that you’ll have enough undead minions to help you convert your preys. Keep a good number of zombies in your pack for an easy play.


Look for the large blocks that can help turn out more zombie minions to attack more individuals. Game costs very little at $0.99, with no in-app purchases, which in itself already qualifies as a good bonus.

There you have our basic Zombie Island cheats and guide to taking over the City! What are you waiting for? Download the game now and share more tips with us by commenting below.

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