World Chef Cheats

It takes more than wits to play this game. World Chef has received massive attention from all corners of the globe due to its unique game settings and arrangement. Furthermore, the way the game was made and designed has sparked more followers to keep on following the game. So in this post, i will show World Chef Cheats as well as trick to help you get unlimited amount of gems.


In line with this, just merely following the order or practising the commands would not be enough because it requires more than that in order to overcome each level. If you want to have the best restaurants ever, then you need to be a world chef to gain all that.

World Chef is all about fine dining and extravagant cooking. The gamer is granted the chance to reprise the role of the chef that needs to manage the restaurant by ensuring that each visitor and customers are satisfied, full and happy.

The game comprises of making customers happy as its main mandate. Also, it needs to ensure that all orders are done and filled properly. In addition, hiring the perfect employee is also crucial to the direction of the game. At the same time, maintaining inventory levels, as well as other tasks is what makes this game worth playing for.

A game that was developed and created by a Spanish mobile gaming company, namely Socialpoint, it has captivated the users of both iOS and android powered devices.

Many have complained that playing this game is too handy or difficult. The truth is, its not. Without the gems of knowledge, the right tips, cheats, guides and strategies, it goes without saying that this game is indeed hard to overcome, but if you have the right information and tools, it can be easy as walking with your eyes closed.

Remember that this game is all about keeping track of everything that you have. From the ingredients to your recipes, as well as how good you are in running your restaurant so that you can feed the gazillion customers that walk through your door.

Here are some of the tips and guides to help you master each level and attain supremacy.

1. Prioritize Gems and Gold:


The currency that powers World Chef is gems and gold. This is the main reason why you need to prioritize these resources and use them well. In order to win, you need to have lots and lots of gems and gold which is why you need to save as much gems and gold as you can and use it wisely.

2. Never be Swayed by Time:

Although other games have left behind its mark regarding the time and how it may run out, for World Chef, it’s not about the time at all, because this game is uniquely designed to be played at a laid-back pace.

The game is focused more on building your abode and your restaurant. It is all about beautifying your place, expanding your menu and even the physical arrangement of your restaurant matters as well.  Although it features the same process as Diner Dash, your customers would not leave you if you don’t serve food right away, which is why, don’t let time sway you off from what matters the most.

3. Focus on the Basic ingredients:


As the saying goes, nothing beats simplicity and it is true for World Chef. With this game, if you want to attain high, make sure that your gaze and focus are on the basic ingredients. Start by gathering and cooking the basic essentials such as the meat, the potatoes, since they are the most essential ones. Secondly, always prepare bread since it is one of the in demand foods in the game and stock up on beef patties as well.

Another base ingredient that you need to save and stock on is the Cheese. Make sure that all of these basic ingredients are within your reach and the supplies are high.

4. Visit the Market as Often as You can:

Spend some time on the market. When you visit the market frequently, you can see the recent additions and upgrades that could assist you in your game time. It stands out that there are some players that sell their ingredients on the marketplace; so checking the market might get you a good deal from time to time.

5. Make your Food Closets Full:

 As you play World Chef, you might notice that there are some instances wherein a cooking spree can occur and if you are lacking in your ingredients, you might miss the opportunity of gathering higher profits.

This is exact reason why you need to check on your stockade and see if your not running out of supplies. The more food that you have on your cupboards would prevent lacking issues in the near future.

6. Upgrading is Important:

You need to upgrade your storage because it plays a vital role in your game time. Although it is not really necessary to upgrade immediately but once the space gets tighter, that’s the sign that a upgrade is now needed.

7. Know the Icons by heart:


If you memorize the customers’ icons by heart, then it can save you time and effort as well as resources. The more that you can identify their likes, dislikes and weakness, the better you can serve them. For instance, if you see an exclamation point above a customer’s head, it means that customer is on a hurry, is edgy and wants food to be served right away.

In line with that, it means that you need to prioritize on the customer and then focus on serving the remaining guests.

8. Spend Gems wisely:


If you ever decide to spend your gems, spend it on the Grill Helper or Dough Helper that is found on the chef’s workstation. If you expand it, it can grant you better yields since there are times that you may run out of meat and even bread.

9. World Chef Cheats to get unlimited amount of gems:

Not many people know this cheats, you can literately generate unlimited amount of gems using an online generators tool. I have found tons of World Chef Cheats tool but this one is the only one that work.

Go to this generator, enter your username as well as the number of gems you want to generate, click on generate then verify you are human. You will need to fill a survey during the verification process which is extremely annoying, but there is no way around so just go through it.

The beauty of this World Chef cheats is that you will not need any real cash to buy gems, all you need is fill out a survey, well i know it is annoying but it is indeed better than spending real cash.

There you go, here are just some of the useful tips and guides to help you along the way. Stay tune for more updates and more tips for World Chef cheats.


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