Wordbrain Themes Cheats, Tips and Guides

If you played Wordbrain in the past, then you must be excited to play Wordbrain themes. However, you will be surprised that despite their similarities, the game is a bit difficult without getting the Wordbrain Themes Cheats, Tips and Guides to assist you along the way.


Wordbrain Themes is the second game that followed suit after Wordbrain gained prominence and fame. Things are somewhat distinctive this time around. However, every word and levels are challenging to the core. You can download Wordbrain here for iOS and here for Android. 

It’s a truly fun diversion and there are piles of levels, which will give you numerous hours of game play. The upgrade changes makes the game more perplexing which is why you need the Wordbrain Themes Cheats, Tips and Guides as you play.

Also, it appears that there is a bigger set of levels that will surely make the game more challenging and the words are somewhat unique making the gamers more perplexed in solving the riddle. However, with the tips and guides, resolving the hurdles would be easier and hassle free. Here are some of the Wordbrain Themes Cheats, Tips and Guides to help you overcome each level.

Be Strong with the Basics

Just like any other games out there, being strong with the basics is crucial. A strong foundation is always vital to any games. It is the main pillar when everything else is complicated. When you are not good with the basics, you will soon found out that the game is harder and more difficult. Moreover, the challenges would overwhelm you and eventually tire you out. All the more, it is vital that you have to be strong with the basics so that you can fully navigate your way throughout the game.

Do not Rush

If you want to overcome each level, you need to be patient and wait for the proper time. Although it promotes quickness, it is also important that you know when to rush and when to slow down.

Be active

The game calls for collaboration, so it can really help you a lot if you are interactive and it can be done when you are active in joining forums and groups regarding Wordbrain themes because it can help you gain more insight on the different tips and guides that other users have found effective.

Know the Words

If you want to win in the game, you need to know the variant words and you need to increase your word and vocabulary knowledge as well. The purpose of knowing many words is that it can help you overcome each level with ease and less hassle.

Learn the Strategies

Remember that each word is significant and when you are able to grasp that reality, you can use it as strategy to overcome each level. One great thing about knowing the different words and how they are arranged is that it can help you improve and develop new strategies and older ones to improve your gametime.

Clear the Grid the Proper Way

If you don’t correct the grid and complete it the proper way, then you have not fully answered and overwhelmed the game. If you want to win the levels, you need to clear the grids properly and correctly. It is the only way for you to win the game without having to endure the different tasks in the coming levels. When you clear the grid correctly, then the remaining hurdles would be easier to overcome. That is one great thing about this game, it can help you win and develop many ways to win and not just rely on one strategy or answer.

Use More Than One finger

If you want to finish earlier and finish with flying colors you need to learn how to use one finger and practice using more than just one finger because by it, you can fully respond faster and it can save you time and effort as well.

Exit The Game

If you notice that one or more letters are missing on the game board, you can try to opt for exiting the game temporarily and sign back in. You can leave the stage or level and then re-enter the game once more, then you can recheck if the letters are now complete or not one letter is missing at all.

Do not be Confused

When you are playing the game, do not be confused. If you see the various letters, do not mind them but rather you need to know that the right set of letters are mixed with the wrong ones so that you can be confused and you will fail to get the answers. The best thing that you can do is to be calm, be relaxed and not be confused with the random wrong letters that are mixed on the right set of letters. Another thing that you can do is that in order for you to determine the right set of letters, you can try to exit the level and re-enter the game again because it is one of the tips that can help you overcome the confusion.

Google the Quotes

If you are facing another level filled with quotes and you cannot seem to complete it, just type the incomplete quote in Google and look for the answers that best matches your queries. It can save you time, effort and most of all the nerve-racking confusion of finding the right words.

There you are, remember that in every level, there is always a solution so that do no worry if you are stuck in one level and cannot seem to go forward because these helpful Wordbrain Themes Cheats, Tips and Guides can help you overcome each level, complete each hurdle and most of all gain points and excel along the way. All the more, stay tuned for more updates regarding Wordbrain Themes Cheats, Tips and Guides in the coming days.

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