Word Up Cheats, Tips And Methods To Get Unlimited Amount Of Coins

Word Up is an awesome brain game. A grid of letters will be given and the players must make words out of those letters. It is quite easy, but at some point, it  gets really hard when the grids are getting bigger. Furthemore, the graphics of the game and its interface are top notch, allowing the gamers to enjoy a much smoother game flow in comparison to the other games created in the same niche. In this post, i will show you different Word Up cheats, tips and strategies that you should follow.  


As a super fun word game, Word Up will keep anyone hooked for hours. The set rules are very simple. The words hidden within a grid are easy to find. Also as the grids get larger and larger, the puzzles become trickier. Cheery characters would also develop as the game progresses. Furthermore, Word Up game features lightweight structure and it does not require much battery life.

PlaySimple Games developers produce this challenging trivia-app making the gamers appreciate words in a an entirely different way. However, as the game shifts to another level, that’s when the hurdles begin. This hugely addictive word game can keep anyone engaged for hours. Playing the game is as simple as finding the words hidden within a grid but these grids get larger along the way. The brain score increases as the cheery characters evolve. Word Up contains more than 600 total puzzles with over 3000 words.

The different puzzles include 2×2 puzzles, which exercises the player’s ability to find simple words in a quick manner. The 3×3 puzzles will Improve the brain’s attention as well as crossword solving abilities. The 4×4 puzzles will practice the ability to divide the gamer’s attention in finding multiple words. The 5×5 puzzles is designed to test and improve the existing knowledge on word relationships. The 6×6 puzzles is set to practice both verbal and nonverbal memory in order to increase the given span of the immediate memory.

Word Up game was an exclusive game for Android and can be downloaded for free using the Google Play Store, it is now available in Applestore as well. This hugely addictive brain game which has over half a million download certainly brings a lot of fun and it will surely keep anyone entertained for hours. The game also enhances one’s vocabulary and spelling skills. Word Up brain game is really designed  for the true Word genius.

This is the newest guessing game developed online. Word Up is an absolutely fun word game which can keep anyone entertained. In this game, the main objective is to locate over 3000 words which are hidden in a grid.

This addictive brain workout is designed to test logic and memory through a series of test in forms of challenges. The challenges are designed to strengthen the mind by keeping it sharp at all times. With its attractive graphics, the word game can win many loyal fans all over the world. All puzzles are made solvable, but few players only manage to solve every word challenge.

An advanced apparatus is not needed to play the game, just a mobile phone and a working brain. Playing Word Up will further improve the brain’s performance. It can also be paid just for fun by making a perfect score.

However, it is not the end of the world if you cannot go up, because here are some tips, cheats and guides that can assists you in levelling up. The Word Up cheats, tips and guides below will surely help in making it to the advanced level. To improve the overall gaming experience and eventually become a master player, it is highly advisable to take note of the said tips.

Word Up Cheats To Get Unlimited Amount Of Coins:

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For gameplay related tips, please see my points below.

Be specific

The second Word Up cheats and tips is to use the specified key letter in each round. The goal is to create a lot of possible valid words before the time runs out. The key letters need to be placed in highlighted boxes to gain bonus points.

Focus in the Rounds

Every Word Up game has four rounds. In the first round, many     four-letter words must be created within the given time. As the round increases, the number of letters that will be used to create words increase as well.

Focus in the Key Letter

Every round has a “key letter.” This key letter must be used when creating a word. A word will be valid if is spelled correctly and contains the round’s “key letter”. The valid words the only ones to be added on the score.

Master the Commands

At the beginning of round one, every player owns four blank spaces located at the top of the board with a full alphabet. With the use of the alphabet provided, the letters needs to be typed on the keypad in order to form several valid words. The enter key can     be used after typing a word while the backspace key is for correcting any mistakes

Be Vigilant

Always remember that a word must have the key letter identified for a specific round so it can be counted as valid. Theword also should have the correct spelling or else it will be invalid.

Spend time With the bonus box

Each round has a bonus box. If the rounds key letter is placed properly to the bonus box, the word will have an additional bonus.

Complete Words as Much as You can

Complete a lot of words possible within the given time limit. Once the time is over, the words will be scored. A brand new round begins after the score has been updated. The game will continue     until round 4 will be completed.

Ask A Friend

It is never wrong to ask a friend for help. When stuck at a puzzle, an improvised solution can be used. A player may also ask a friend for help and that is the time that you can be assisted.   

Watch the Letters

Be mindful of the chosen letters for each word in order to avoid a dead-end situation during puzzle solving. If this will happen, simply give it an extra try by starting the level again.    

Save Letters

Save the letters to produce long words. Some letters can be dropped if they can’t be used in the central location.

Watch Out for Bonuses

Always try to grab some bonuses whenever they appear. By doing this, the next bonus is guaranteed to worth even more than the previous ones.

Don’t waste the Wildcards

Save the wildcards to be used in bonuses, which really need a certain letter. However, it is not good to buy wildcards unless there is no assurance for a money back via big bonuses. Do not use  the wildcards if there is no regular letter that can be used.     

That is it for this post about Word Up cheats, tips and guides guys, hopefully you can at least churn some good information out of it 🙂

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