Word Chums Cheats, Tips and Guides: More XP and Coins the Better

Do you want to know how to earn more XP and coins for Word Chums? If you aim on having the best gaming time ever, you need to have more of coins and golds. In order to do that, you need Word Chums Cheats, Tips and Guides to help you along the way.


There are many ways to earn more XP and coins. First off the list is to install the game. Upon installation, you are already given free items. Your pocket will be brimming with coins, rewards and XP as well.

As a novice you will obviously utilize them up rapidly but then that’s when the challenge emerge: How would I get more XP and coins? And if all are gone, how fast can you gain these items? These are some of the questions that are affecting gamers all across the globe.

XP and coins are important in your game time which is why without these elements, your gametime would be affected so make it a point that you are able to do all that smoothly and gain these factors for better gametime.

Always Reach the Levels

Remember that when you reach a certain amount of XP, you can progress through the next level. Once that is done, you can then gain 150 coins. Which means the faster that you are able to accumulate XP, the better.


There are means to do it. You do the upgrade through the Chum Market. When you upgrade your gear and buy in the market, you are also expanding your XP and increasing it. The faster upgrades, the higher the chance of generating more XP on your end. So make it a point that you are able to use your resources and upgrade all of your gears so that you can receive XP and other rewards.

Learn the Art of Achievement

You need to learn the art of achievement. Remember that when you are able to achieve something, then you are able to gain more points, more rewards, more coins and even more XP. There is a considerable rundown of conceivable accomplishments for your Chum. To peruse it, tap on your Chum and pick the catch “Accomplishments”. You can see here what number of coins you will get for specific things. For instance, you could get 50 coins given that you played a word with 150 focuses. Be that as it may, there are additionally less demanding routes for learners! You additionally get coins for turning upward a word in the lexicon and other achievement challenges as well.

Watch Ads

Boring as it may seem, these ads can help you in your game time. Take some time off your game and watch videos and try other apps. When you do, it will generate more XP and reward you as well, so visit these videos and apps and enjoy your rewards after.

These are just some of the Word Chums Cheats, Tips and Guides that can help you gain more XP and coins so that your game time will be splendid and superb. Stay tune with us in the coming days for more updates about this game.

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