Wizard Swipe Cheats And Basic Defence Guide

Protect your keep from zombie skeletons using fire balls in this exciting yet simple 2D game!  If want to be on your toes all the time trying to keep a throng of pesky skeleton from reaching your defence walls, then this is the game for you!  Read our defence guide and Wizard Swipe cheats to know how to prevent a breach in your walls!

wizard wipe

Boost your spells’ damage.

Spell Damage is one of the first things that you should really focus on.  If you have extra coin or point for upgrade, do it as much as possible.  Add 25% power to each of your abilities each time you spend on an upgrade.  Boosting your spells will take you a long way into the game and will help you deal with tougher-to-beat skeletons later on in the game.

Focus on your pyro blast.

A pyro blast is a fire ball that deals more damage than regular ones.  Hold on to the fire ball hub longer than usual and toss it to a horde of undead skeletons.  Wait for the cool down to power up the pyro blast.  Remember, the longer you play the game and achieve more fire ball upgrades, the better you’ll be able to use them against tougher enemies.  Some skeletons are a little more difficult to destroy using regular fireballs because they move faster than the others or are equipped with armours. Use pyro blast to kill them in just a few blows.

Beware of skeleton mages.

Fire relentlessly at Skeleton Mage.  Even if they move away from your initial shot, they’re bound to warp to the same area that they started with.  Fire away quickly in one direction to totally destroy them.

Mods change the game for the better—or worse.

Mods can change the game to your benefit or disadvantage, so always take note of these before each level starts.  For example, some mods may increase a skeleton’s speed or may cause them to recover HP.  Others may become less affected of some of your spells.  Always watch out for these changers.  Also, green mods usually have positive outcomes, while red ones have negative effects.

Take advantage of multipliers and upgrades.

Improve your skills’ damage by upgrading or boosting your mastery of one element for magic spells.  Additionally, boosts to your Spell damage will also improve your damage and kill tougher enemies with your skills and abilities.

Fulfil level’s objective/s for more bonuses.

Complete and fulfil all three missions on each level to earn rewards and bonuses.  Finishing the level earns you a reward as well as destroying a specific number of skeletons or employing a required spell.

Keep on trying to complete one level.

If one level proves to be too difficult, you can always go back and try again until your abilities have powered up so much that you can already defeat the skeletons.  For this reason, level up as often as you can and keep on playing easier levels to earn more points for frequent upgrades.

Go now and defend your castle wall!  If you want to add to our basic defence guide and Wizard Swipe cheats, don’t be shy to comment below!

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