Warriors of Glory Cheats and Basic Guide

Here’s your classic game of good-versus-evil in Warriors of Glory. This RPG allows you to play various powerful and interesting characters against evil forces. Battle it out with demons, trolls, and the undead and bring your Kingdom back to its former glory! If you love playing action and tactical games, then you should definitely try this one. Here is our list of Warriors of Glory cheats to help you defeat those evil forces!

warriors of glory

Game features and objectives.

This game features awesome 3D graphics and a collection of amazing characters to try. Be the best barbarian, assassin, or mage and defeat the evil forces that come your way. Complete missions and upgrade your characters to make best use of their skills and abilities.

Complete missions.

Quests and missions are always available and completing them will earn you coins, experience points, new items, and even new skills. Focus on finishing main quests, but save time to finish less important ones as well. Make sure to take on only those quests that you can handle. In addition, there is a daily quest for you to complete, where you can earn points that you can exchange for chests with rare items and equipment for future use.

Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade!

Like any games of similar category, you need to level-up and upgrade your characters to make them a lot stronger and take on really tough bosses later on. Otherwise, you need to play previously cleared levels over and over to rack up EXP and level-up.

Aside from upgrading your character’s skills, you can also boost your equipment. Enhance your equipment to further improve your character’s physical or magical damage! Max out your enhancement per equipment to reach its Break Equipment limit to make it even more powerful!

Upgrade your skills!

Upgrade your characters by learning new skills. Coupled with ultra-powerful equipment, you’ll be able to slay those trolls and demons in no time! There are tons of skills and equipment to find in the Kingdom, so keep completing those quests and participate in important events!

Use regular attacks.

Regular attacks will destroy a boss’s armour, so always put it on auto if you want to prevent the boss from deflecting your other attacks. When the boss’s armour breaks, then you will be able to deal more damage to your enemy’s core. Always remember that any other type of attack will not be effective against the boss’s armour.

Finish each level without taking much damage.

Completing each stage without much damage will earn you three gold stars. Once you have enough, you can pick from a selection of chests and receive great rewards. So try to perfect each level by killing as many without incurring much damage.

Learn how to dodge!

Always watch out for the red metre to know if the boss is about to launch a deadly attack. It is important to anticipate this attack and dodge or get away from the boss’s range of attack.

There goes our list of Warriors of Glory cheats. Comment below if you have more to share!

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