I, Viking Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Get your Drakkar and your men ready to invade and ransack isles and villages! I, Viking will surely take your breath away with its highly interactive gameplay, awesome visuals, and simple commands and buttons to boot. Engage some of your men in battles and pillages, level them up, and equip them with the right armours and weapons. Join players from around the world in this multiplayer online RPG and start your journey with the help of our list of I, Viking hack and cheats! A word of caution though, this game is NOT for the younger players for its graphic violence and gambling content.

i, viking hack, cheats

Game objective.

As a Viking leading your men into parts unknown, your aim is to kill and pillage as many!
Test all of your characters’ limits.

This game allows you to do a story mode or random battling and pillaging with two other online players in a test of strategies and skills to learn about your players. In the story mode, you can bring two characters at a time and initially learn the ropes. A swordsman is swift and deals an average blow, whereas an axe wielder is more tank-like takes on tons and deals a lot of damage but real slow and cumbersome.

Don’t skip the cut scenes and tutorials!

The tutorial is simple, but you have to learn how each of your characters works by participating in a few battles before taking on major missions. The same is true with the online battle. You will be given three chances to respawn and try to attack your enemies with your teammates, and torch your opponents’ Drakkar or complete some other objective that is given at the start of the battle.

Switch between characters!

Don’t forget to switch between characters to maximise their skills and their death blows. Each of the characters have a regular attack move, block, and some special skills that you can use from time to time.

Cool down!

Special attacks take some time to recharge after use. Keep this in mind when you are facing multiple enemies. Typically, each character can deal a singular special attack or can also deal one that injures multiple enemies at once. Always consider the cool down times for both and do not be afraid to use your regular attack for feeble enemies.

What to do in team mode!

Team battles allow you to play with online players and a great strategy is to overwhelm the best enemy first before taking on the smaller ones one at a time. Also, if you walk past your team taking on the enemies well, carry on other tasks that you can do yourself like torching the enemy’s Drakkar or pillaging, etc.! When you find a teammate getting overwhelmed, always come to its aid and finish off the enemies for more points and to ensure your team’s survival.

Block when you have no more moves left!

When your special attacks have been exhausted for the moment and it looks like you’re being overwhelmed by enemies, do not forget to block! This is the most underused button in the selection, which should not be the case. Always opt for block, instead of the regular attack when you have no more sensible moves left. Moreover, using your armour can somehow stun your opponents, especially those really tough ones like the Knights and higher level enemies you’ll encounter later on in the game.

There you have it. Our list of I, Viking hack and cheats. Do share your strategies by commenting below!

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