Transformers Earth Wars Cheats – Guide to Defending and Attacking Bases

Transformers (Earth Wars) is an action-packed game that will please those who are fond of the classic movie storyline along with the characters.  This game, offers you the opportunity to play both sides—autobots or decepticons, which makes it a lot more exciting and surprising at the same time.  Read our Transformers Earth Wars cheats and handy information to enjoy this tactical build/battle game.

transformers earth wars cheats

Upgrade your headquarters and units first.

Focus on building and upgrading your headquarters and units first. Set up harvesting and storage sections, and use the Research Lab that you will use for upgrade. Collect items that might be useful for your home base modifications.  And then, you can proceed and improve your shuttle to increase the number of bots you can carry when performing missions. Immediately fix your home base after each run with your opponents to maintain its integrity.

Take advantage of large immovable things in the area. 

Use the area to your benefit and look for boulders and trees for cover. Keep your line of defence a reasonable distance away from your headquarters. However, make sure that they are close enough with each other so that your opponents cannot easily single out and destroy a unit.

Walls can be used to hide or protect a defence unit. For example, your opponents may not be able to put down a mortar as easily if it were placed behind a wall.

Speed up production and other processes.

You can rush some productions that are almost done for free on the condition that there is less than 5 minutes left until completion. You can then accomplish more important things like collecting coins that may be used for upgrades and purchase of useful items.

Amass a considerable amount of coins for upgrades and purchases of unique items like Alloys and Energons. Getting another Build Bot can be pretty useful in speeding up construction and upgrade of buildings simultaneously.

Wars and allies.

Battles are inevitable in the Transformers world and each time, you’ll earn experience and bonus points for completing them. You can also merge your units with your allies and even connect with other players online. Joining a team that has a formidable arsenal can greatly improve your chances of winning battles. Never stop attacking your opponents. Overtime, you will earn a shield that will give you a slight respite, but resume attacking and defending as soon as you have restocked and repaired damaged defences. Also choose to fight players that are closer to your level in the game to build your experience.

Know each of our team’s abilities.

Warriors are great for defending your HQ because they can take in more damage than others, whereas healers are super weak, but are very important members of your team. Make sure to place them where they cannot be easily seen by your opponents. Gunners and Air bots can deal plenty of damage, but are not like warriors in terms of receiving damage. Each character’s info can be viewed by checking out the question mark near their pictures and take note of any special abilities that they may have. Explore their abilities and special attacks and use them when needed.

Enjoy our Transformers: Earth Wars cheats and guide to attacking and defending. Tell us if you have more on the comments below!

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