Tracky Train Cheats and Beginners’ Guide

Tracky Train is an endless mobile game with a cool concept, nice graphics, and a simple gameplay.  The objective is to build tracks to make way for the train and to do all you can to avoid getting crushed by it as long as you can.  The train chugs continuously and it will only stop to pick up and drop off passengers for a little respite.  If it sounds good to you, here’s our guide and Tracky Train cheats to help you by.

Tracky train cheats

Don’t miss the tutorials to get an idea about the game.

Don’t be lazy and skip the walk through.  This is important because some of the elements in the game are a little difficult to spot when the train finally starts moving quickly—a good example is the platform.

The platform is your friend.

You’ll always find the train somehow gaining speed and breathing down your neck and the platform is where you want to direct it to unload its passengers and give you a small lead.  Also, drop off and pick up as many people as you can to unlock new places in the game.

Always check the train’s capacity. 

On the upper right corner, under the coin icon, you’ll find the iron horse’s capacity.  Picking up people will delay it a little and allow you to lay tracks quickly on your way.  In the beginning, the train can sit 4 passengers and will stop twice to allow you to widen your lead.

Plan your moves a distance away.

Foresight important to make sure that you’ll have an immediate idea where to place the tracks. If you have a good head start, already anticipate your next move to avoid panic in really tight places like towns and crowded areas.  Always look ahead because you don’t want to end up on the wrong side of an area if a bridge is on another side.  Snake your way, if necessary, and bend the tracks to be at the right path.

Enjoy fun and quirky characters.

View the character album to see which popular character might board your train. Try to see all of the allusions to famous people and characters like Robbie (Robin), MJ (close reference to Michael Jackson), Sofia (Lauren, presumably), and more.  Go as far as you can to see more characters in your album.

Collect the dollars. 

As much as possible, always find time to collect the coins, but don’t go after them too eagerly.  After each run, you’ll be able to spin for bonus coins or additional train capacity, so try to go as far as you can for even bigger rewards.  Upgrade your train or buy a new one to keep the repair levels high.

Watch ads.

Once your run ends (RIP), you have the option to watch ads or pay game currency to continue playing.  Just remember, coins are used to upgrade your train.  Watching ads can get you as many as 2 free turns.

There go some of our Tacky Train cheats and guide for beginners.  Comment below if you have more to add!


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