Toy Blast Cheats and Reliable Ways to Score Perfect Stars

A fun colourful matching game will always have a place in anyone’s phone or tablet—not just because they’re simple to play, but also, players can get quite obsessive about getting perfect star ratings.  This is what makes them challenging and irritatingly addictive at the same time.  Toy Blast is a game where you match at least two colours to help a little girl earn her toys back.  Here are our Toy Blast cheats and ways to achieve those perfect stars.

toy blast

Play on Facebook.

Free coins and lives may be collected if you play and convince your friends to join the game via FB.  The more friends you invite, the better chances you’ll have of earning bonuses and other freebies.  If you don’t want to bother your friends for daily lives, you can look for active people at the Game Center, for example, who are more likely to gratify your request.

Clear the board with awesome combos.

Matching two special tiles together will create awesome combos and you’ll be able to clear the level using less number of moves.  The quicker you free Amy’s toys, the better number of coins and points you’ll earn for each level.  You can also match at least 5 tiles or more, for even bigger scores or bonuses.

Earn or purchase coins and special moves.

Special moves and tiles can get you out of a really difficult level, so you won’t use up all your available moves.  You can secure these special items as in-app purchases or you may earn them from daily gifts sent by friends.

Earn more points after your last move.

After each game level ends, special tiles will activate and some could take out a big portion of the table.  This will allow you to earn more, even after you used up your last move as shown on the board found on your left.

Tried-and-tested trick to recover lives.

Most mobile games are unfortunately vulnerable to this reliable trick—and Toy Blast is one of them.  Mess around with your device’s settings and presto, you’ll get lost lives in just a few minutes.  Just change the current date and time settings to a future point and you’ll take advantage of time-dependent elements of the game such as free daily lives and coins, and will also reset the number of moves.

Our Toy Blast cheats list are not guaranteed to make you an expert immediately.  It takes patience to earn three stars and a lot of time to play one game over and over until you perfect it.  But for those who truly love super simple matching games, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing your track of perfect stars! Comment below if you have more to add!

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