Total War Battles Kingdom Cheats,Tips &Strategy Guide That Are Easy and Fun

Have you tried other cheats out there? Some cheats are hard and difficult to follow but with out Total War Battles Kingdom Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide, it is easy to follow and fun to do.

total war battles kingdom cheats

The game created by Sega and Creative Assembly have made another milestone by releasing Total War Battles Kingdom. It is a game that is specifically designed for iPhone and iPad device and for those that have this game, the journey to exquisite game time has just begun. You can download the game for iOS and Android. 

Playing Total War Battles Kingdom is difficult which is why the Total War Battles Kingdom Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide can serve as your life raft in playing the game. Here are some of the easy tips and guides that can help you along the way.

Be Smart

It is important that you build your game in accordance with the bonuses gained from your neighbor buildings and the offer it has for each other. It may be difficult to spot these bonuses at the beginning but you will soon find out that it is possible to do so. You can use your starting castle as your learning point, and then proceed with that trick in mind.

Implement Specialty

If you want to win the game, you need to know which ones are special and which ones are not. Aim to specialize your castles and then concentrate on resource production because that element matters the most. Also, have your silver-producing castle in one area alone. It is better to not disperse them

Know the Building Kinds

You need to be aware that not all buildings are kingdom buildings, which is why you need to be wary of the different buildings and their kinds to better improve your game. Buildings such as Mines, Farms, Woodcutters areas are not included in the Castle’s maximum buildings, which is why you are allowed to build as much as you can so that you can make more resources too. Just make sure that you are using each building and their purpose wisely.

Use Roads

You need to improve your game and in order to do that you need to build and use roads. You ought to build roads and join them with your new castles or Watch Towers so that you can further fortify and strengthen your kingdom and at the same time, expand it.

Use the Mansions and Citizens

To make your kingdom strong, complete the creation of craftsmen, and don’t focus too much on building peasants., because if you have more craftsman in your Kingdom, they offer better bonuses. Also, try to build more mansions and instruct all of your peasants to be craftsmen because if you don’t, it will be difficult for you every time you play.

Keep Your Eye on the Battlefield and Never Retreat

If you want to win the game, you need to keep your eyes into the battlefield. You need to be prepared and exert muscle every time an enemy lingers around. If you think you are losing the battle, don’t give up and never retreat otherwise you will not gain XP points. But, if you haven’t had any casualties, you can opt to retreat.

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