Toon Blast Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Toon Blast is your standard tile matching and breaking puzzle based game. You are given a number of moves in each level that you play. Your objective is to simply match up the required tiles given per level. Just clear the tiles before your moves run out and you’re good to go. Try to enjoy the game with the help of our Toon Blast hack, cheats, tips and guide.

Use as few moves as possible

Toon Blast like many puzzle games have a number of moves that you can use. When you’re using up moves, that means that you shouldn’t use all of them so that you can complete the level. Now in some games, some good tricks would include that you try to use up all your moves so that you can gain bonus points. In this game, the fewer moves you use means the more points you can get. Try to do that so that you can end the level with more points by using the least amount of moves possible. Plus the other thing is that you don’t have a time limit to worry about so take the time that you need to solve these puzzles.

Try to destroy bigger areas

In these games, instinct would dictate that you would go for combos when they are available. However when you see a cluster of tiles that can be destroyed with ease, try to go for these areas for bigger points. Plus in some cases when you solve bigger plots of blocks means that you can potentially get power ups that you can use in game or save for later. These power ups are very useful so that you can solve puzzles much easier with fewer moves as possible.

Save some of your power ups

You get some power ups and boosters when you continue playing Toon Blast. Now the power ups that you can get in the levels can be consumed in the level. They won’t be brought over to the next level so just use them. However some of the power ups and boosters can be used through a time limit. Now you don’t need to use them right away when you don’t need to. That’s because the later levels can grant you more points and other rewards. Try to save some of your power ups later on if you can.

A couple of stars

When you play levels, you can get star ratings with the highest amount being 3 that you can get. Don’t worry about the stars that you can get earlier on. That’s because they won’t be usable until you get level 15. When you reach that level you can then start using those stars for gaining more things. Basically just worry about the stars when you can use them.

Join a group

Joining a group is doable in this game. The benefits of joining a group is that you can ask your friends to give you some extra lives when you need them. Don’t forget to give lives to other people as well in your group.

Solve those colorful puzzle blocks with the use of our Toon Blast hack, cheats, tips and guide. This game can be downloaded on both iOS and Android.

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