Tiny Dino World Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Tiny Dino World is a mixture of different game genres. One thing is that it is simulation game where you breed, hatch and raise different dinosaurs. Along with that comes to the fact that you can manage your tiny little village along with other people. The other genre is a side scroller where you choose a dinosaur and rampage through villages. The goal basically is to destroy these villages and make sure that your dinosaur survives the assault. That all sounds too much but don’t worry as we have our Tiny Dino World hack, cheats, tips and guide to help you.

Story mode and missions

Getting into the game is good but you have to start somewhere. After the tutorial you can now do the story mode which we suggest that you do at least the initial parts because it rewards you with a lot of things that you can use for your village. The missions are located on the upper left corner box in your screen. The missions are like side objectives that you can do. They also reap in some rewards that you can get but you can’t complete them right away. The other missions require you to get further into the game so just do the ones that you can do for now.

Your villagers

In Tiny Dino World as we stated you get to manage your village. You can’t manage your village without the help of the villagers that live there. Earlier on you get to have a number of villagers to use. Unfortunately most of them have a low rating so they produce and work up to a certain point. The good thing is that later on you can get more and better villagers. When you have higher rated villagers, put them in places where they can excel. Like have villagers occupy a defense tower as such. Even when you don’t have high rated villagers, make sure all of your structures has a villager in them to keep the work going and just replace them later with better villagers if you want to.

Elemental properties

When raiding and defending you need to know the proper elemental properties as to which is strong against the other. Basically Water is strong against Fire, Fire is strong against Wood and Wood is strong against Water. Knowing the elemental properties is the key to make your dinosaurs and defenses stronger in times of raiding.

Dinosaur in the House of Chiefs

It isn’t called Tiny Dino World when you aren’t breeding and raising your dinosaurs. While the raising process isn’t that hard here is one trick that you can do to improve your dinosaur. Before you log out, put one of your dinosaurs inside the House of Chiefs. Even if you don’t log in, friends may be able to contribute in improving the strength of your dinosaur. Keep in mind that when you log in the effect will be gone so log out again to continue using the House of Chiefs.

Rampage through those villages with the help of our Tiny Dino World hack, cheats, tips and guide. This game can be downloaded on both iOS and Android.

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