Tiny Archers Cheats, Tips and Guide

Looking for a mobile archery game with excellent 3D graphics and a lovely gameplay? Then Tiny Archers is what you’re looking for! Fight off unfriendly goblins and trolls using various hero characters. This strategy game requires you to defend your tower against enemy onslaught, become the best archer there is, and save your Kingdom! Can’t wait to get started? Read on to find out basic info Tiny Archers cheats that could help you through the game!

tiny archers cheats, tips and guide

Game objective.

The player’s goal is simple, protect your tower by killing as many enemies as possible, and level up to become a master archer! There are also mini missions and objectives for you to complete, so make sure not to leave out any to earn gifts, XP, and precious gems as well.

Three missions a day.

You will have to wait a full day before the missions list gets replenished, since you will only be given three tasks to complete per day. You won’t get penalties for not completing all or any of them, but of course, you’ll get to miss the awesome freebies that you could receive at the end of each task. Quests include activities that you would normally perform or achieve in the game, or other extraordinary errands that you need to do in relation to the game’s progression or story.

Be prudent with your arrows.

Always aim for the head, so you won’t have to spend too many arrows on one creature. An arrow to the skull will kill a goblin instantly. On the other hand, it usually takes at least 2 arrows to kill an enemy with shots to the body.

Aim properly.

Consider the speed of the enemy and your arrow’s projectile when taking an aim. Since the goblins and trolls are moving forward, target the small space in front of them and NOT where they are currently at so you won’t miss. Also, when your enemy takes a body shot and does not fall instantly, it will slow down a bit and even stop occasionally while advancing. Consider this if you don’t want to spend a lot of important arrows against one enemy.

Enemy archers are the banes of your tiny archer’s existence.

Take down enemy archers immediately. They’re the ones that could inflict damage on your HP and could cause you to stagger a little and lose time defending your tower as well. The radar will tell you that an archer is approaching if a green dot is visible. They take two steps ahead before they fire—always memorise their rhythm and you’ll need three strikes to take them down.

Upgrade your bow!

This couldn’t be more obvious. Your bow is an important factor in defeating tougher enemies later on in the game, so upgrade, upgrade, and upgrade!

Watch ads.

Enemy kills sometimes result to a wrapped present. This is an opportunity for you to watch ads. Patiently do so and get your arrow stash refilled for free. You can also purchase them using gold, but gold is much better used for upgrading your bow to a better one!

These are all the Tiny Archers cheats we have at the moment. Enjoy the game and don’t forget to comment below if you have more tips and strategies to share!

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