Tinker Island Cheats, Tips and Guide

Tinker Island: Survival Adventure is a time management game that you will surely love. Play a shipwreck survivor and look for others like you who have been swept and stranded on an island! Together, you can all plan how to survive with the combination of your skills and island supply. What are you waiting for? Start building your camp, forage, discover the island’s secrets, and survive! Here is a list of our Tinker Island: Survival Adventure cheats to help you do just that.

tinker island

Objectives and elements of the game.

Taking up the role of a survivor, your goals are to find others who have endured the wreck as well, to forage for food, and to build shelter. You are also expected to explore and fight sometimes. Each survivor has characteristics and abilities that are perfect for a certain job, and it is your task to know them. This is an easy game to play but with each decision results to a different outcome.

This game is a fusion of various genres, and you will also notice that there are various types of missions to complete and decisions to make, making the experiences somehow engaging and authentic. Explore the island using the map/s and don’t leave any areas unexplored.

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Learn about each survivor to maximise their potentials.

Survivors have unique skills and occupations that can be handy in certain missions. There are four types of skills, represented by different icons. Make sure to use the appropriate survivor to carry out specific missions for better outcomes.

Send fellow survivors to explore, if they have higher stat for exploration, and to help defend your turf if they have good fight skills, and so on… to improve the survivors’ different skill sets.

Take on different tasks at the same time.

You can finish more processes by taking on different missions at once. Each task or process gets done in a few minutes or hours. Play continuously to send out more survivors to complete quick tasks.

Take advantage of fishing spots.

You’ll need to stockpile on food items by sending your people out to fish. Always assign one survivor on each fishing spot to make sure foragers can collect whenever the spots are ready to be farmed. You can also upgrade the fishing spots for more bonuses. Use the appropriate survivor to fish, preferably one with a high explore stat.

Earn bonuses.

Earn bonuses like gems and game money by watching adverts that you can access by tapping the white package in your camp site. You can watch while waiting for your tasks to finish. Maximum that you can watch is ten ads daily. So if you have plenty of time to spare, go ahead and watch those ads for freebies.

Collect those gems!

Unlock better survivors to help you manage the island in exchange of gems. You can earn these important items by watching ads and accomplishing achievements. You can also earn gems by playing using a Kongregate account.


Once you unlock building capacity, you should build the most important ones first like water wells, tents, and storage spaces. Anything that has to do with the most basic things you need to survive like water, food, and storage—these are what you should build first.

There you have our list of Tinker Island: Survival Adventure cheats. Enjoy the game and don’t forget to add to our list of tips by leaving a comment below!

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