The Sims Free Play Cheats and Guide

Another addictive and highly engaging game series is the Sims.  Success in this simulated world is measured by the amount of Simoleons you have as well as Lifestyle points you accumulate.  Building your wealth in this game can take painfully long, so check out our The Sims Free Play cheats and guide to build a sizable fortune and increase your Lifestyle Points.


Keep your Sims busy.

Work your sims out and you will surely earn LPs and money for their efforts. Usual activities and errands will earn them a lot over time. Most importantly, be patient.

Hobbies earn you more rewards.

Sims can learn hobbies and special skills through the community centre and these activities can earn you bonuses.  Make sure to purchase this important feature as soon as you can. You’ll earn even better rewards if you complete a set of these hobbies and interests, so keep those virtual people busy!

Odd jobs pay well.

One way to earn Simoleons is to clear up your character’s mess when they take a leak or do number 2 in places where they shouldn’t. Although this sounds quite disturbing, people actually do enjoy the game because of these little details. A third way for your Sims to make a mess is by getting sick and barfing.  Shake your device’s screen to watch what happens and then clean up right after for additional Lifestyle points!

Compete to level up your skills.

Levelling-up your skills will increase the bonus points (in sim money and LP) you get. So head on to the Competition centre and make sure your virtual people compete in their chosen hobbies!

Drive more often.

Driving will earn you more money and LP, so go around as much as you can in your sim vehicle.  Snag music notes and play until you earn more bonus points, leave just one sim in the house.

Secret trick to earn Simoleons and LP.

If you don’t like downright cheating, then skip this part now, while you still can.  You can speed up special tasks like planting or some other special hobby by ‘fixing’ your time setting.

First, you need to pick a task for your sims to do, and then, save and exit.  Turn off your device’s WiFi and then advance the time setting to years more than the current date and time.  Don’t forget to change AM to PM and vice versa. Check back on the game. If it doesn’t readily connect right after you did that, but just keep trying, it will eventually connect to server.

After it reconnects, your game should look exactly like the last time. Press the “Home” button and close all of your “Recent Tabs”. Open your game and you may repeat if you’re feeling greedy. It does take of the excitement off the game a bit, but hey, you’ll have lots more sim money. Worth a try, right?

There you have it. Legit ways and The Sims Free Play cheats for you to enjoy! Tell us about your secret trick, if you have one and comment below.

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