Teeny Titans (Go!) Cheats and Tips

Teeny Titans by Grumpyface Studios is an RPG game derived from the cartoon series of (almost!) the same name. Seems like they have a penchant for turning Cartoon Network gems into fun and addictive games—and it works! The game will require you to play Robin and collect a lot of items (small versions of the characters to be exact), level-up these mini-mes, complete—and score high on battle and tournaments. Here are useful tips and Teeny Titans (Go!) cheats to move through the game without difficulty.

teeny titans go

Don’t wait for your turn.

This game has a nice and familiar gameplay and you’ll definitely like it if you particularly like progression RPGs. It is oftentimes compared to Pokemon, but the difference is that you can attack when the bar is ready, no need to wait for your turn! So time those attacks carefully and the longer you wait for the power bar to fill up, the more damage you will deal against your enemy. But first, don’t know where to go after reading the mission? Tap the question mark to know where to head to next, easy peasy!

Match your player against the right opponent. 

Take advantage of your Teeny Titans heroes’ abilities by battling them against the right enemies.  Check out and compare what their stats with your opponents before the battle ensues. Also, you are allowed to bring 3 figures to a fight, so make sure to bring heroes that have different abilities for a better skills-and-power mix. Boost your characters’ health whenever you can, especially prior to making them go to a mission.

Teeny Titans Go Belch!

Although Silkie is not as pleasant-looking as the rest of the cast, he’s quite powerful even on his own. In the series, Silkie is a voracious eater that gobbles up anything it takes fancy on, but in the Teeny Titans game, he belches and hurls out various objects that deal damage to enemies. Another awesome ability that you should improve on this guy is its defensive burp gas, which luckily has a short cool down. It renders enemy attacks useless for one turn, which gives you time to recover and deal more damage.

Play strategically.

Playing and upgrading should be done strategically. First, try out all the possible combinations of characters that will give you the best offence and defence. Just as importantly, upgrade the character features that will best improve your favourite characters’ chances of winning the battle, especially if you plan to bring them to fights most of the time. Luck, dodge, health and power, try to upgrade equally or compensate what’s lacking by using a nice combination of characters. Take note that you can only upgrade 3 of these features at a time, so play smart!

These are our tips and Teeny Titans cheats! What are you waiting for? Grab that device and check out the game. Don’t forget to shout, “Teeny Titans, Go!” it might just bring you good luck.  Share your comments and game secrets below!

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