Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Legends Cheats, Tips and Guide

Are you a TMNT fan who’s looking for a nice turn-based action game to pass the time? Play a group of five heroes spearheaded by Leonardo and Karai to defeat throngs of enemies. Thwart Kraang’s evil deeds by enlisting and upgrading various TMNT characters to help you do the job. Read on to find out the list of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Legends cheats.

teenage mutant ninja turtles legends cheats tips guide

Objectives and game features.

The objectives are to defeat the enemies, collect DNAs, rescue the kidnapped turtles and other mutants based on story succession. Other goals are to collect characters, grind, and upgrade their skills using Mutagen to improve damage and take on tougher enemies. On each level, enemies come charging by waves.

Unlock Hard mode.

Complete each of the chapters to unlock Hard Mode, where you can earn better item drops and even DNAs used to recruit better characters. You can play tons of personas in the game, based on their skills and abilities. Employ a good combination of characters to give you the advantage in tougher stages, like Casey Jones, Chris Bradford, and Spider Bytez. You may need to grind or go back over and over to play the same stages to rack up DNAs and improve your characters’ skills as well.

Earn rewards and bonuses from completed missions.

Like any other games, complete missions found on lower right area to earn rewards. Take on as much as you can to improve your skills and evolve the characters. Always check this box to see what tasks and missions you can complete on a daily basis.

One of the things that you can earn are card packs. These are available every two hours and you can pick from a selection to receive bonus items and possibly even DNA. You will be notified when a mystery pack is already available for you to open.

Learn about each of the characters.

Skills are unique to each character and it is important to learn how each of them can deal the best damage against an opponent. If you are going to employ a certain character on a mission, make sure to check out their stats first before deploying because some are vulnerable to specific attacks. You can also use this idea against the enemy. Knowing which types of attacks to use leaves your enemies exposed and you can defeat them using a specific set of attacks. Check to see the type of character that you’re dealing with and use the corresponding hero from your group to take on that character.

Cooldowns happen after each of the characters have used their special skills. You’ll have to wait for your turn before you can use them again. Also, green arrows mean that you can easily defeat that enemy with the type of character that you deployed.

Skills upgrade.

Upgrade your favourite characters’ skills so that you’ll only need one shot to take out a large chunk of your enemy’s HP each time you use them. Choose carefully which one to upgrade, to intensify your characters’ damage attack. Item drops and Mutagen are important because these are what you use to level up your characters’ skills.

Hope you’ll find our Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Legends cheats list useful. This basic info is not intended to give you an overview of the game. Enjoy and don’t forget to comment below if you have more tips to add.

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