Tap My Katamari Cheats and Basic Guide to Growing Your Sticky Ball

Tap my Katamari is an offshoot of the popular Katamari series which involves sticky ball-pushing and collecting stuff in an area. The objectives are to grow the sticky ball, collect more items and stars, power up the Prince and the cousins, and restore the universe! It is slightly different from the original series in terms of graphics because although this one is as colourful as the other Katamari games, this one moves in 2D platform, whereas the first ones allow you to move about in first-person POV.

tap my katamari cheats

If you’re looking for a vibrant, non-stressful game, then this one’s worth a try. Also, there’s more to it than it looks on the outside, with tons of characters to play the game with, you can choose your Cousins and play the game the way you want to play it. So here’s our guide to growing that sticky ball and other Tap My Katamari Cheats!

Upgrade Prince regularly.

Prioritise upgrading your Prince because he’ll be the one pushing that ball throughout the game and completing the time-based challenges! Improving your tap will lengthen the area that he can cover and this will allow you to steadily level up and push for longer distances. The Cousins are also worth upgrading, since they gain special Mojos for every goal level, but prioritise the Prince early on in the game.

Collect and upgrade your favourite cousins.

The Cousins will augment what the Prince can do. They can travel longer distances and deal more damage, collect money while you’re out, but they won’t make it without the main character! Unlock as many Cousins as you can (there are 35!) and collect candies along the way, but only use these candies to upgrade the SPECIAL ones! Also, discover all 9 Cousin Mojos or special skills every time you reach record levels.

Cousins and their Special Attributes.

Use candies to turn ordinary Cousins into ones with various special characteristics! These Mojos personify your Cousins’ abilities! More than that, they can also be influenced to have different characteristics in exchange for candies. Unlock all of the possible Cousin:Mojo combinations to discover special abilities to help you with your goals.

These special abilities and idiosyncrasies can help you amass more money, receive more candies, increase your tapping power, improve critical hits, take advantage of multipliers, and more!

Watch videos for additional bonuses.

Candies and game currency are quite important for upgrading and unlocking characters. Watching ads can net you a number of candies at no cost or double the money that your Cousins have accumulated. Stars you earn for reaching certain levels may be used to upgrade you regular Cousins.

Carry out missions. 

Fan requests can be completed once you’ve attained a certain level in the game. Completing the objectives and requests every 8 hours will help you gain candies and other bonuses as well. Set your notifications to alert you for open requests that you can complete when you have time. As much as possible, try to be successful in all of your missions, otherwise, your regular Cousins will lose all skills upgrades once you start over.

Timed attacks require special skills. 

Use the Prince’s special skills sparingly during time-based attacks. Individual special powers will help you succeed in these types of stages. But also remember that some of the Prince’s skills can be combined to create even better power-ups. There is also that typical cool down—sort of the time it takes to “reload” your skill for you to be able to use it again. So choose the opportunity carefully and don’t waste your skill over nothing.

Collect those stars!

Unfortunately, resetting your game also does the same thing to regular cousins’ skills.  Despite this, you’ll see that it will be much easier to advance through the game. Collect stars by reaching goal levels and exchange your achievement for stars that may be used to purchase skills and upgrades for Special Cousins. Moreover, the first few upgrades are a lot more affordable than succeeding ones. Essentially, if you reset more, your sticky ball will grow bigger and badder!

Strategies to try. 

There are many ways to play this seemingly shallow game. Depending on the type of player that you are, here are some suggestions for you to try:

  • If you have plenty of time and just like to tap it away, invest in Energetic Cousins and pair them up with Brave and Sneaky ones for a good run in the game.
  • If you very little time to spend on the game and would like to play the game less actively, then get yourself a few Smart and Powerful Cousins that will accumulate plenty of coins while you are out.
  • Cousins with Regal and Lucky Mojos are extra fortunate in terms of receiving more candies to use for upgrades and purchase of really good characters.

These are all the strategies we’ve collected from real users and the developers for now, if you have better tactics to share, don’t be shy and comment below!

Credits to: Reddit user pqumsieh (Developer) for all the tips and information.

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