Talking Tom Gold Run Cheats, Tips And Tricks

Talking Tom Gold Run is one game that you should have, if you like endless runners and games with simple premise. In this game, you will lead Tom past obstacles and oncoming vehicles to help run after those who have robbed him of gold. Here is a list of our Talking Tom Gold Run cheats to help you start!

Talking Tom Gold Run

Game objective and features.

In the beginning of the game, you will play Tom and be introduced in the story, where a robber has taken your gold. Your main objective in this game is to run as far as you can and build your high score, without getting hit by approaching vehicles. Other aims are to collect as much coins and bonuses along the way and build your dream house.

Know the controls and basic how-tos.

Watching the short tutorial early on in the game will help you learn the basic moves and controls that you need to do to help Tom move forward. Change direction by swiping left or right. Tap quickly on the screen to make him jump and avoid obstacles on the bottom. Tom is also capable of moving left-to-right while airborne, so do this if you want to collect extra coins mid-flight.

Avoid colliding with buses and other obstacles.

Running into obstacles immediately stops a run, and then the game will ask you if you want to continue or start over. Dynamites can be exchanged for another run. However, it is a much better choice to just restart the game, since lives are unlimited.

Upgrade Tom and Friends.

Watch free ads from parcels that fall from the sky and ride the plane to earn gold to upgrade Tom and his friends. This is a great way to earn bonuses for nothing, so watch repeatedly if you have the time. Also, play longer to receive a free vault where you can get bonus items to use for upgrading the characters as well. Get to know what each of the friends can do.

Gold and bonus items.

Collect gold to purchase special items that can up your chances of improving your run or avoiding obstacles. You can also buy a helmet to avoid getting bumped off at your first collision, a magnet to collect all the gold coins nearby and to hitch a ride on planes and collect coins in-flight, and a gold boost to pick up more coins than usual.

Upgrade Tom’s home and special items.

Unlock features of your home in exchange of gold and subsequently, increase your score multiplier. You can also unlock other areas of your house like the vault where you can get more bonus items to use for more purchases and even upgrade special items like magnets. Additionally, if you play a little longer, you can get a free vault without having to spend precious game currency.

Hope you enjoyed our Talking Tom Gold Run cheats and basic guide. What are you waiting for? Go run after that robber now!

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