Tales of the Rays Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Tales of the Rays is your standard adventure RPG. You control characters in the overworld doing the basics like trading, interacting with other characters and a whole lot more. The battles are done in encounters and the gameplay is a modified turn based mixed with action elements. Try to explore this magical world with the help of our Tales of the Rays hacks, cheats, tips and guide.

Grinding and auto-play

Tales of the Rays like any RPG has that repetitive grinding. Grinding means that you have to play and do battles over and over again. That’s the beauty of it for some people of course. The good thing is that there is an auto-play feature for the game. Auto-play allows your characters to automatically plow through the dungeons. This means that they will do the fighting for you. This is good and bad at the same time. The good is that your characters can have their daily grind for experience, funds and items. The downside is that auto-play the AI will follow the shortest path which means they won’t be exploring the dungeon to the fullest and they can bypass different secret paths and treasures might be missed so just keep that in mind.

Your equipment and Crystals

Like any good RPG, you need to update the equipment that your characters are using. You don’t always have to update them when you don’t need to. You can get equipment through dungeons or buying them. When it comes to buying them, there’s no need to buy new equipment from time to time. Aside from buying and changing your equipment, you can also just choose to upgrade them when needed. Keep in mind that stats vary and some equipment have some nice boosts so upgrading them can be ideal. Upgrading an equipment with the right Crystal is a good thing to do. They usually mix and match well when you pair up the right Crystal with the right equipment so just be mindful of that.

A few battle tips

Tales of the Rays as we stated is modified turn based action game where you encounter enemies and head for a battle screen. When it comes to battling, make sure to always heal your characters when needed. The Artes act like the abilities for the characters. However if you continuously use your Artes they will need some energy plus the other thing is that the damage will lessen as they will become Stale. Just try to save using your Artes and use your normal attacks. The other thing is guard breaking. There are some enemies that will be guarding your attacks. Make sure to step back and hit them hard to remove the guard and proceed to just knock them out.

The Gatcha discount

When you would want to draw some nice weapons and armors you can go to the Gatcha system. You can get a nice item from time to time but it costs Mirrorgems which is the premium currency of the game. The discount is something that you can get for your first draw. You should try to do it even just once as it goes full price after the first draw.

Try to adventure with style with our Tales of the Rays hacks, cheats, tips and guide. Tales of Rays can be downloaded on both iOS and Android.

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