Super Stickman Golf 3 Cheats and Guide and for Beginners

Super Stickman Golf 3 is a great arcade game that is perfect for those who love the sport but prefer the safety of confined areas when playing games (wink, wink)! The latest instalment of this uber-entertaining game includes more challenging courses, additional power-ups, features, and more… So here is our Super Stickman Golf 3 cheats to help you win the competitions and master each of the courses!

super stickman golf 3

Game objectives.

The goal is to drive the ball into the hole using the fewest strokes for every course. You can also collect upgrades and power-ups and win various bonuses and achievements.

View the entire course before making a move.

Check out the layout before you strike the ball. This will help you plan out your move and successfully drive the ball through the obstacles into the hole. Some courses take into consideration gravity and other special impediments to make the game more challenging.

Set the power gauge.

After viewing the course, set the power gauge and lock. Consider the direction of the wind and the height and distance of the obstacle, so can complete the stage in a few strokes. You can’t cancel once you’ve set and locked the gauge.

Take advantage of additional features!

The additional ball spin feature makes this game a lot more intuitive. You’ll be able to control the ball’s momentum and finish an entire course using the least number of strokes possible.

Collect and save game currency.

You may find paper money or Bux on some of the courses. Some may be placed obviously on the path of the ball, whereas some may be placed in impossible areas of the course. Only try to get those that you can and never waste a stroke just to get a missed paper Bux, your game score is much more important than money.

Play the game over and over.

After completing each level, you can return to the last one and play it again to collect more Bux. Enjoy your game money by levelling up and purchasing power-ups and XP! Power-ups are especially important to get through the more challenging levels of the game. Also, you can level-up by simply moving forward and completing a certain number of levels, so prioritise the power-ups over anything else.

Wearing hats can affect your game differently.

One of the things that you can earn from card packs is a hat. Hats are useful to complete really tough stages of the game. One of these hats can give you some sort of a hint to the direction that you want to drive your ball to. Another hat can help you avoid water hazard penalties and another makes your spin a lot stronger than usual.

Boost your shot by spinning.

If you fall a little short from the hole, spin the ball to where you want it to go. You can recover bad shots by spinning to the right direction, right after you hit the ball.

There you have it. Hope you found our Super Stickman Golf 3 cheats useful. Have better strategies to add? Comment and share below!


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