Super Phantom Cat 2 Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Super Phantom Cat 2 brings back our favorite cat. He’s back at it again doing some nice jumps, runs and many more. The game itself is your traditional 2D side scroler and platformer. Your objective of course is to bring your cat to the end of the level. Be sure to survive all the way but you can always rely on our Super Phantom Cat 2 hack, cheats, tips and guide.

Finish and repeat

Super Phantom Cat 2 is your traditional 2D platformer but it has elements where you just don’t do the basics. First thing you can do is to finish the level for the first time. Just focus on finishing it and once that happens you can choose to repeat the level when it is finished. The purpose for this is that there are three optional goals to do aside from finishing the level. These goals include collecting a number of stars, opening chests and exploration. In terms of exploration that is one thing you can do the second time you play the levels. Explore more of the levels to find those secret areas and finish more of the optional goals.

Unlock more characters

Aside from our friendly cat, you can unlock more characters. Unlocking characters can be done when you get the right amount of fragments. Different characters have different looks but those that have diamond symbols on their image means that they have abilities that they can use when they are used. They can usually have things like being able to jump high, have extra hearts and others. Try to unlock a lot of characters and see what they can do. Speaking of abilities, there are some power ups that you can get in the levels. Try to use these power ups when you can and this goes back to exploration where you can find more.

A message for you

In some games, message pop ups can be annoying especially if you’re playing a game like Super Phantom Cat 2. There are message pop ups that appear in this game too but they aren’t as annoying. These messages can be read when you would want to. The thing about these messages is that they can provide you with some clues to the levels. They can show you to potential secret areas or hidden items. Try to read the messages if you can and don’t just pass them off as a nuisance.

Get to level 4

Getting to level 4 in the different sectors is a good thing to do. That’s because you can unlock the Key Factory on your base. These allow you to create keys that you can use to unlock chests. Making keys take time but the good thing is that when you unlock the Key Factory you can pretty much do it good. That’s why we stated earlier to complete the levels and just redo the other ones later on.

Give your cat its groove with the help of our Super Phantom Cat 2 hack, cheats, tips and guide. This game is available on both iOS and Android.

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