Summoners War Cheats

Summoners War: Sky Arena is one of the best games in the market today. However, the challenges embedded on the game are crucial for any gamers out there and sometimes a dead end is met which is why you need the Summoners War Cheats and strategies to help you along the way.

summoners war cheats

You can download Summoners War here for iOS and here for Android. Lets get started with our first Summoners War cheats and tips.

Know the basics

When you are fully aware of the basics, there many things that you can overcome. The basic commands, the basic layouts and basic elements and actions can help you make the game better and prevent yourself from leaving the game because you could not even finish the game time.

Pay attention

summoners war cheats2

You need to focus when you want to play Summoners War: Sky Arena. Attention is vital in this game. The more focus you are, the more positive outcomes are expected. If you are constantly failing to see things and pay attention to the elements surrounding the game, you will never win.

Don’t be Naïve When Monster Attributes

Don’t be naïve when it comes to monster attributes. You need to know the strength and weaknesses of the monsters that are included in the game, otherwise, you will never use the characters full capacity and strength. Remember that any monster on the game is related to a specific element and factor. Know the elemental properties that are strong and the elements that can render your enemies hopeless. You can learn to use Fire, Water, Wind, Light and Dark elements. Remember the strong characteristics of these elements and how to defeat other elements with its attributes.

Attack One At A time

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Do not attack all sectors in one invasion but focus on one on one combats. Attack one enemy one at a time and not in bunches because it can be your downfall. Concentrate on your assaulting endeavors and not attack all forces at the same period in time. This setup can help your gaming time in more ways than one.

Use Boss Fighters

Boss fighters can bring out the best in the game. Although they are difficult to beat, you can still learn a lot from these challenges especially in the areas of elemental linkages and how monsters use their strengths. Study and learn from the fight so that the next time around, you are fully aware of what to expect and how to counter it.

Play in Arena

If you want to be better, do not skip playing in the arena. The arena is a place that can boost your experiences in the game and it can help you gain a lot of rewards as well. When you play in the arena, you can expect great rewards and points that will surely strengthen your game time and allow you to upgrade your resources and characters.

Use Angelmon and Devilmon

Devilmon and Angelmon are Material-type monsters and if you want to gain an upper hand, make it a point that you are able to sue both Angelmon and Devilmon. These characters are located in the Devilmon Cave and Glory Shop, while the Angelmons are found in the Angel Garden and elemental dungeons. Make it a point to gather and use these characters.

There you go, these are just some of the Summoners War Cheats that you need to know, stay with us for more cheats and updates.

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