Suicide Squad: Special Ops Cheats and How to Be the Best Supervillain

Are you a fan of Suicide Squad? Now’s your chance to play Harley Quinn, Deadshot, or El Diablo in this awesome FPS movie tie-in game and be the best supervillain in the DC World! Great gameplay, good graphics and attention-to-details for a mobile game, and you can play it for free! Complete those missions and defeat as many zombie enemies as you can. Here’s our Suicide Squad: Special Ops cheats for beginners to get keep you on track.

Suicide Squad Special Ops cheats

Player goals and game elements.

Your main goals in this game are to survive as long as you can and complete the stages satisfactorily. You’ll also have to complete the tutorials in this immersive game, but don’t worry, the controls are quite easy to understand and responsive as well. It has plenty of interesting features, you can explore the area and search for health and item packs, become really proficient at the three characters’ abilities, and more.

Play each of the players.

After each short mission, you will be given the option to play Harley and her trusted bat and handgun, Deadshot with his rifle and Marksman Mode, or El Diablo with his fire power. It is always a good thing to know what each of them can do. Harley tends to be the favourite because her regular one-on-one attacks with her bat or hand gun are really strong. Activate her special attack frenzy for more damage and multiple kills.

El Diablo is pretty much alright, too. However, his power needs to cool down and this would not be effective if a horde comes charging and the two other allies are already preoccupied.

Watch out for icons that pop out.

Icons are there to warn you if enemies are present nearby. A red flashing icon means that you’re under attack. Look in all directions, especially if your teammates are way ahead of you or if a horde suddenly comes to close and attacks your group. However, if the enemies are quite sporadic and the ammos scarce, then El Diablo might be a better choice to lead the squad.

Attacks come in waves.

Don’t be too complacent after taking down a horde of enemies. Attacks come in several surges before a mission gets completed. Sometimes, your allies will also attack head on, if you’re facing gun-wielding enemies and you’re either playing El Diablo or Harley, then do serpentines or hide behind obstacles to avoid getting shot at. You may need to finish the level on your own if the two allies fall. When this happens, the game resets to the beginning.

Upgrades and special items.

Upgrade whenever you come across a Supply drop. Purchase weapons, health drops, or attack boost to improve damage dealt to enemies. Switch characters and let AI takeover if your HP is low.

These are all our Suicide Squad: Special Ops cheats and basic information for beginners. We really appreciate your input, so if you have more to add to the list, don’t hesitate to comment below!

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