Stony Road Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Download and try this unassuming game of paradox! Stony Road lets you bounce a ball over gaps and onto platforms of various lengths and heights in an endless circle. Sounds easy? Well, don’t let this relaxing-looking Ketchapp game fool you, we are quite certain that it will keep you alert and on your toes the whole time! If you have great timing and dexterity and are also looking to improve your focus, then this is what you’re looking for. So here’s our Stony Road hack and cheats list to help you bump and jump as long as you can!

stony road hack, cheats

Let the ball roll!

The premise of the game is to let the ball bounce/jump over or to the next platform without hitting a wall or falling into a gap. Tap once, twice, or thrice to jump the ball to a higher or farther platform.

If your ball is traversing a long platform and you want to jump it to a higher one, let the ball roll to the middle before tapping once, instead of tapping twice to reach the next platform. Avoid tapping too much or you’ll find the ball hitting a wall.

Gems are out there to distract you!

Don’t set out trying to collect gems. Sure you need them to buy bigger and better-looking balls, but initially, that’s all you need them for. You can earn gems simply by playing continuously and earning those presents at the end of each run or by watching ads.

Time your jumps!

Failing to jump at the right moment will cause you to crash against a wall or fall into a gap. Jumping over a bigger gap means that you have to jump from the brink to the next platform by tapping more than once to propel the ball further and prevent it from falling. Jump earlier and you’ll surely fail.

Roll from a high platform to a lower one!

If you’re ball is coming from a higher plane going to a lower one without gaps in between, just let the ball roll and don’t hit the jump until you reach an edge. That’s when you tap once or twice to jump that gap.

Roll beneath a hanging platform!

Roll under suspended platforms to avoid hitting a wall. Do not panic. Sometimes, the track is full of these sets of obstacles where you need to roll beneath and jump once, over and over. The game usually conditions you and lets you memorise a move before abruptly changing into a different obstacle to ruin your focus.

Be careful with jumping too much!

Again, sometimes, rolling will just do the trick. Keeping the ball on air will not keep you safe because it will eventually fall back onto a platform or into a ditch. Anticipate your next jump by also paying attention to the incoming obstacles.

There you have it! Hope you enjoyed our Stony Road hack and cheats list. This is arguably one of the most challenging games we’ve tried and the highest score we got was 20. Comment below and share yours and add a few tips if you have some!

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