Soundtrack Attack Cheats and Information for Beginners

Fan of Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe? Now’s your chance to be one of the Gems and run to the cue of the music’s rhythm! In Soundtrack Attack, you get to pick and customise your Gem identity and run the obstacles by tapping, swiping, long-pressing, etc. So if you like playing upbeat games to pass the time, try this one out and practice your eye-hand timing and coordination. Here’s our collection of Steven Universe Soundtrack Attack cheats and info to take on the music and go far into the game!

soundtrack attack cheats

Game objectives.

Make your Gem character run like mad by tapping and pressing hold to the beat of the music. Check the indicators and tap when the falling stars hit the circle on either or both sides of the screen. It can get tricky because the tempo changes from fast to slow without warning and sometimes you’ll be required to use both fingers to tap. Keep your eyes glued to the indicators.

Pay attention to the red stars!

While some players are more comfortable anticipating the taps and holds by listening to the music, some find it easier to focus on the stars on the sides. They stars are much easier to predict than the Gem’s movement or the music’s beat. Besides, you might be required to hold any given time, and there’s no way to tell when, if you’ll be focusing on your Gem or the music! Avoid hitting those black stars or you’ll get burned and tap-hold as long as you see the blue streaks.

Try to complete each level without mistakes.

It’s difficult to complete a stage without errors, but if you finish without missing much of the stars that fall to the sides, then you will be rewarded with bigger and better bonuses. A perfect run will earn you three stars and gems. On the other hand, missing the beat will cause the rhythm to fumble a bit. It might help if you will place the device down to free both pairs of fingers. Some would prefer to use the thumbs, whereas some would use their index fingers.

Use headsets if you wish to focus on the beat.

Some prefer to both listen to the beat AND focus on the meters on the sides. If you plan to do the same, a pair of good headsets will help you finish better.

Collect yellow bubbles.

Yellow balls will net you crystal coins at the end of each level. You can use them to purchase things and accessories for your Gem to wear. Don’t miss out on the ads if you have plenty of time. You can also collect bonus coins if you finish viewing a short advert.

You can also use these coins for buying power-ups. There are many to choose from and every single one of those boosts and power-ups can help you finish a stage. You can make the time slower, maintain the rhythm despite errors, and more.

There you have our Soundtrack Attack cheats and basic information. Hope you find our list useful and if you have more to add, don’t forget to comment below!

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