Stardew Valley Farm Cheats, Tips, Guides, and Strategies

Gamers have learned to appreciate and adore the newest game addition online, which is Stardew Valley Farm. It is considered as one of the best game that will bring back the relaxing feeling that you ever wanted. You don’t need to rush things, just chill out because with this game, there aren’t any time limits in regards to this game.

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The thing with this game is that the progression is focused in the player’s strengths and skills to make sure that income is generated in the farm and at the same time, the farm is growing.

Knowing the basics are always helpful to determine the right course of action. If you are new in this game, don’t rush in things because you will get there. However, it is important to progress through each level with flying colors and higher awards.

As you probably know, upon the start of your game, you are given 500G only. This is the main reason why you need to ensure that you are investing your resources well. for instance, the time to plant is spring because by then you can have various things to choose from.

Stardew Valley farm offers you a fantasy farming town life experience. You can do farming, mining, foraging, forestry, fishing, crafting, and have friend and build relationships. If such as time, you will find yourself bewildered by the game and you want to learn a few tips and tricks about. Here are several tips for you to try. Let’s get it started.

Focus in Crops

Choosing the right crops for the season will maximize the value of your money. When starting, you better plant first the strawberries and blueberries for this only require once during the season.However during the end of the season you need to shrivel them.

Meet people, go shopping and give gifts during rainy days, you don’t have to water your crops by that time; the rain will do it for you.

Wait for the right season to plant the seeds you get during the festivals. Keep your seeds, and plant it during the start of the season.

Take time to Go Fishing

Another way to get extra money is to go fishing. It is best to go fishing when there is disturbance in the water. Higher probability to catch higher-level fish. When you catch a low value fish, just keep them, you can use them later in the game

Go Mining

Use the North exit in your field when you mine because it can help you get there faster.

Don’t forget to unlock a floor on the elevator every 5 levels, so that you can find the mines much easier. You can also opt to follow the mine cart tracks. In addition, you might find coal in a minecart at the end of it.

Prepare your pickaxe when there is a moving rock, use the pickaxe to hit the rock and use your sword to kill the crab under it. Go mining on days that the  fortune  tells you, you will have a little extra luck.

Spend time in Foraging:

You can get random seeds occasionally from using your scythe on weeds. As you probably noticed while playing the game, the trees eventually drop seeds. If you see a bush with berries,  click it. Also you can go to the beach after the rain and look for new stuff being washed up there.

Repair Things

The game is all about strategy, to make more money and preventing other things, you can repair the bridge on the beach, and it will allow you to visit another beach somewhere and gather valuable items that can be used as future gifts.

Build Relationships

Just like any other game out there, setting and building relationships is very important. Build your relationship, start gifting early and pay attention to the various things that people hate and loved.

It is vital that you are aware that villagers of this game plays a crucial role for your game’s survival so do not set that information aside. Rather, make sure you that you mingling with the villagers and building stronger relationship with them.

Things you Must know

Save your game, and constantly check on it everyday.  Check for constant updates such as weather or new recipes. You can also make use of chests and other items that could be of much help to you. Furthemore, always maximize your leftover energy and time.

Maximize Your Time

One great thing in playing Stardew is that it can allow you to do various things at once. Which is why, don’t think that you can keep it all in, but rather do one of two things at once. From gathering firewood to planting and other things, always maximize your time so that you can better play the game.

Save Money for Upgrade Purposes

Do not be satisfied with having simple tools and items, but rather make sure that you are upgrading your tools. One way to do that is to save money and then proceed with the upgrade.

For better investment purposes, invest on sprinklers since these items can help you in saving time and resources.

Invest in Fertilizers

To make your crops grow bigger, invest in fertilizers. It can save you big time. It will also make your crops healthier and yield good harvest.

Plan Ahead

While other gamers are not planning ahead, do the opposite thing. The game is always showcasing time management and resourcefulness to progress and earn high marks. To gain an upper hand, plan each step and plan it well. Do not initiate unplanned actions because it can lead to waste of money, resources and time.

If you dream of being the best gamer of Stardew Valley Farm, make use of every little thing, tips, cheats, strategies that we have given and you will be amazed. Do not settle for less but be at the top. Transform your farm and expand it even more. Furthermore, don’t just play the game but play it with fun and thrills and watch the magic unfolds for your game.

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