Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Cheats and Strategies

Star Wars an iconic strategy game by EA, where you can assemble your favourite characters from the same movie and battle them out with the enemy forces. If you’re one of those who love this film, you’ll definitely enjoy this epic game. Here are our Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes cheats and other useful information that might help you win the battles.

star wars galaxy of heroes cheats

Save the Best Attack for Last

Some members of your attack team can deal damage to multiple enemies at once.  Take advantage of this by saving your coup de grace for tougher battles or enemies. Typically, you will have to fight a few battles before you finally happen upon a Light vs. Dark battle.  Your last battle is usually the toughest, so focus on defeating the boss and use regular attack moves against weaker enemies you’ll face leading to it and its cohorts. Make sure to know which of your heroes can deal the most damage and use their abilities critically.

Follow your stats as well as your enemies’ meters

Enemy and ally stats are shown in meters or health bars. Keep an eye out of the blue meter to know which characters will most likely deal the next blow. This meter indicates the character’s cool down and an almost full blue meter means that a character is almost up to deal another round of damage. This is quite useful if you’re planning an appropriate counter for each enemy character that will make its next move. Also, watch out for enemies that can attack at least two of your characters, so you can prepare for it better.

Play daily and complete your tasks

Logging in daily and completing your tasks will help you accumulate credits, crystals, XP, and more.  Tasks typically involve completing a specific number of fights, winning a number of boss battles, developing a specific skill or training, or gaining specific characters. Fulfil all of your daily objectives and you will surely earn rare items and other important points.  You can also receive freebies by earning Achievements. Always check to see if you are close to achieving an award.

 Challenge tougher enemies

Defeating stronger enemies using your heroes’ various abilities will certainly earn you rare items and bigger XP points. Tougher bosses can easily wipe out your team if you will not use special abilities or gear, which is why it is important to equip them properly prior to a fight with a boss. Don’t forget to employ a character with healing abilities, to recover allies’ health points. Also unlock the Challenge Mode, to defeat tougher enemies and earn more XP, ally points, and rare items.

Darth Vader rules!

Darth Vader is quite the man to beat, so you’ll naturally want him to be in your team. To unlock this powerful character, you need to collect a number of shards by earning all of the Achievements in the game.

Study the hot keys and general layout of the important buttons

Play the game more comfortably by knowing where to locate each item that you need. A good way to look for an item that you want to use is to tap a character and check out their inventory and click “Find”. You will also find information about the missions that you need to take to get those items. This way, you’ll know what Light Battle to join in to achieve rare items.

Collect special items to play over and over

Stock on Bronzium data cards and Sim tickets. Bronzium cards are available every 10 minutes or you can get one in exchange for ally points. These are used to replay important battles to gain new heroes and expand your party. Sim tickets allow you to collect more spoils, without joining skirmishes.

Choose who you level up

Train characters that you often use to improve their attack power. Initially, you’ll have to make do with a weak party. By training and levelling up the heroes that you earn as you go along, your ensemble will become a lot stronger.  A good strategy to do is to level up a healer to improve its power and use it more often to earn more XP. Upgrade your favourite characters too their optimum powers and let go of the weak.  At level 9, you can also play any level again using Sim Tickets to level up a weak hero—unexciting, but it works!  Sim tickets can be earned or can be had as in-app purchases.

Another excellent tip to consider is to level-up Chewbacca—a character that can certainly take on a good beating from multiple enemies. Use it often and upgrade whenever possible.

 Hope you enjoyed our Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes cheats and strategies. If you are looking for a game that features a lot of interesting heroes and villains, then start your Jedi adventure and try out this fun game. Comment below if you have secret tips and instructions to add.  We’d love to hear them!

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