Splix.io Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

If you haven’t heard of .io games before, then now’s the best time to try out one of their trademark games online. Introducing their newest and exciting browser game that has everyone talking: Splix! Basically, you start with a solid block in the playing field and you go around increasing your territory by creating “enclosures” and going back to your solid self. The enclosure will turn solid the moment you get your dot back to yourself. Difficult to imagine, if you’ll just be reading about it, so here is our Splix.io hack and cheats list to help you dominate the field!


Always go back to your solid mass!

From any point of your coloured solid block, outline small squares or rectangles on the non-coloured surface and always go back to your original solid block, until the figure you’ve bordered becomes an entire solid area and part of your original block. Do this over and over and cover more free space to “increase your territory”.

Don’t let others hit you!

While outlining new boundaries, take care not to get hit by others, especially if the border hasn’t turned solid yet. If anyone catches your border without any solid mass within, then you’re dead and everything you “built” will disappear.

Don’t bump into yourself!

You can accidentally kill yourself by bumping onto your own outline, if it hasn’t turned into a solid area yet. So make sure to avoid your own self by creating clean squares and rectangles away from your thin outline. On the other hand, try carrying on forward after hitting your vulnerable self until you reach your solid block, just to see if you can circumvent this “accident”.

Take over other territories!

You’ll find others building large solid masses of their own and you can point out where you are located in a small map in the left hand corner of the screen. Look for some “activity” around your block and try to take over their territories by swallowing some portion when you create new borders to turn into solid masses.

Don’t hit the edge of the field!

If you ever find yourself at the edge of the field, try to avoid bumping to it or you’ll die. It is usually denoted by a maroon red border.

Create an instant solid block!

If you are already adept with your cursors, try to create double borders to prevent others from “killing” you, while outlining a bigger square or area in the process. Once the L-shaped double-border is done, immediately enclose the area to turn it into one solid mass!

Wait and pounce!

Okay, that might sound a bit too much since you can’t really “pounce” on your opponents’ vulnerable borders. But if you see one near your territory, do not panic. Wait for the “head/dot” of the border to move away a bit and immediately go for the defenceless outline to kill your opponent! Kill first, before they kill you, and then go on to swallow bigger territories. You will actually see where your opponents are, since they’ll be a different colour, and it is much easier to trap them if they are conquering some of your blocks.

There you have it, our crude guide and Splix.io hack and cheats list. The best way to learn this game is to try it out on your own! We’ve managed to hit 5000+ points so far and #8 on the leader boards. Share your score below and do leave your tips if you have more to add!

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