Splashy Cats Cheats and Guide to River Crossing

Artik Games will keep you on your toes with this fun and simple finger-swiping game: Splashy Cats. Help cute cats cross the river by swiping in various directions to prevent it from crashing against walls and leading to dead ends! This game is reminiscent of endless running games like the Temple Run and its spin-offs. It can get really challenging the longer you save the pitiable cat from drowning, so here’s our list of Splashy Cats cheats and basic info to help you by.

spashy cats cheats

Quick, controlled swipes!

Take control of the direction of the cat by doing quick and restricted swiping motions.  Anticipate the course early on, so you won’t feel too rushed and commit mistakes. Your river crossing can only be as good as your reflexes, so to prevent your poor cat from crashing and drowning, then you must always focus on what’s ahead of you. This will also help you pick those coins along the way. Long, unrestricted swipes take too much time for you to recover.  Keep this in mind if you want to go a long way further.

Where the coins are. 

Collecting coins is pretty much the number one reason why your cat will drown. Where they are is usually where the right path is, but keep in mind that the same path is a little harder to traverse because of possible dead ends and other obstacles. Expect the unexpected with these paths.

Make quick decisions!

Passing through the lakes is a lot more difficult than coursing through the river.  It’s very easy to hit a rock or land corners. However, you are allowed a small window to decide whether to take that path or course through another. You can take a quick glance at the direction ahead to know if the path is much safer or easier to complete.  Dead ends can be, well, pretty deadly, but by looking ahead and making quick decisions, you can make your way through the right path and save your cat.

Collect freebies zealously.

You can never be too keen about collecting free gifts. Coins and costumes may be had every few minutes. Just turn on your notifications to ensure that you do not miss any. Coins are extremely useful for buying new prizes that are rarely given for free.

Keep on playing.

Practice makes perfect. Sit in a comfortable position when you do because you have very little time to worry when the speed your cat travels picks up and more obstacles just suddenly come out of nowhere.  Soon you’ll be traversing that river like nothing.

Splashy Cats is available on iOS and Android devices. You will never be disappointed with the quality of graphics. Just watch out when doing the 90-degree bends, because you’ll have to tilt the device at the same time to prevent your cat from crashing.  Hope you found those little details helpful, keep checking back on our Splashy Cats cheats and comment below if you have more to add.

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