Spellbinders Cheats, Tips and Strategies

Spellbinders is a strategy game that will challenge how you think and lead your minions to battle and victory! Summon your best minions, cast magic spells to defeat another titan’s units and fortresses, and play live against real players from around the world. Here are some of our suggestions and Spellbinders cheats to help you crush and rule over your enemies!

spellbinders cheats

Game objective.

Your goal is to take over the enemy’s stronghold by sending out your army to fight against the other player’s minions. Use various types of magic spells and power ups as well as inflict physical damage through your fighters.

Choose who you send out to battle carefully.

Players can only send a few minions to battle. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t defend yourself against higher-level opponents. Use a combination of magic spells and physical damage to win over the enemy monsters.

Some of your units can actually delay an opponent’s advance, so take advantage of the ones that can summon ice and sandstorm spells. Pair them up with those that can deal physical damage from afar, such as archers. This is effective if you are battling higher-level Titans and cohorts.

Don’t miss out on the tutorials.

The first few levels of the game are dedicated to an extensive tutorial courtesy of Titan trainers. New skills and characters will be introduced per tutorial level, so make sure to finish all three sets of them to really enjoy the game

How to claim the opponents’ cannons.

Send out two strong forces on different lanes to distract opponent with various spells and focus their attention on the incoming onslaught. And then, send one to claim their cannon on the last lane as discreetly as possible.

Rage mode.

Boost your minions’ skills and abilities by taking advantage of Rage spell.  This increases the damage that they can deal to their enemies by up to a 100%. For example, archers will fire two times more than usual when you cast the spell. Be forewarned though that many of these spells can also affect your units negatively and damage can be dealt to all including your own units.

Use boulder only against vulnerable units.

The boulder should only be used against those that are vulnerable to its damage. However, make sure to avoid launching the spell if you find those glowing tortoise-armoured guys or you’ll waste an awesome opportunity to deal significant damage.

Spare strong units that are on the verge of defeat.

You can teleport a strong unit to a different lane using Scatter spell to prevent it from getting silenced permanently by the rolling boulder. You can also scatter opponents that are already a few breaths away from your door and ready to claim your cannon.

These are some of suggestions that you can try if you want to succeed in the game. Play it together with your friends for an even more fun and competitive experience. If you have more to add to our list of Spellbinders cheats, don’t hesitate to comment below.

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