Soda World Cheats, Tips and Guide

Soda World is a fun time management game that lets you play a soda company owner who produces and sells bottles of soda and grants clients’ wishes for better sales! Eventually, you’ll expand to other countries and sell the priciest—and quirkiest soda brews ever. Here is our list of Soda World cheats to start your beverage business domination!

soda world cheats, tips and guide

Game features and objectives.

Your goals are to produce, bottle by hold-pressing, sell soda to customers, and build their satisfaction by granting their requests. You’ll be also task to upgrade your soda machine, vending machines and warehouses, fulfil orders, build/repair buildings, and more!

Requests are granted within a few minutes or hours, and you can even fulfil them simultaneously. Meanwhile, coins are the main game currency and you earn these once you fulfil missions from your soda vendos.

Basic moves.

Pressing-hold the yellow soda bottle on the lower right refills the bottles—release when the bottle is full. These then get stored in your warehouse. Free up space in your warehouse by delivering the bottles to the vending machines.

Fulfil their wishes by clicking on the vendo machine and hitting the blue bottle on yellow background on the upper right corner of the screen. Check back to see if the wish has been fulfilled by doing the same. Tick when the task is completed.

Take care of your soda machine!

Maintain your soda machine to prevent it from overheating and to ensure that it produces soda continuously. Always keep an eye on the thermometer and find available ways for you to cool it off. You can watch ads; it will take a few seconds of your time, but it’s free OR you can pay with diamonds to prevent it from heating up! In-app purchases are available for the diamonds and even for a day without overheating for less than a couple of dollars IRL, so take your pick!

Upgrade soda machines.

This should come as a surprise since your core business is soda production. You can unlock more fun and creative flavours by upgrading your machines via the R&D.

Build, build, build!

Get more people to visit your place by constructing and fixing buildings! More people to buy your soda = more business! It takes time but customers will drop by continuously.

Improve your sales by building what is suggested on your construction menu and do it over and over until all buildings are all put up! Wishes that are related to building will automatically be ticked.

Collect power-ups!

Watching ads can certainly help you earn free bonuses and power-ups that will help you automate soda bottling, give you instant ka-chings and hearts, and even automatically load your vendos for you. No need to stay up all night refilling soda bottles manually, Yay!


Expansion is great for your business! You can spend time in populous countries during soda celebrations to earn tons of coins! Once you’ve built up all of the interesting places in a certain country, the wishes will mainly involve soda events!

There goes our list of Soda World cheats! Tell us more about your game tips and secrets by commenting below.


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