Snipers VS Thieves Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Snipers VS Thieves isn’t your typical cops and robbers game. While you can play the role of thieves or the robbers, the snipers are no cops as they are out to kill. You play as either a group of snipers or thieves. When you play as the snipers, your goal is to shoot and kill the thieves that are escaping from the bank. When you are playing the thieves, you have to escape the bank and make sure to survive the enemy snipers. It is a fun game so be sure to use our Snipers VS Thieves hack, cheats, tips and guide.

Play both sides

Snipers VS Thieves lets you play as either one of them. Now if you want to get a bit serious with the game it is ideal to play a couple of hours first as one side. However make sure to play the other side as well so that you can get a feel how each side works and it helps you to counter them when you play the opposing side.

Pay attention to the area

This tip is for snipers. When you play your part you are mostly situated in a single spot. You don’t have the luxury of moving around but of course that means that you don’t have to worry about getting shot. You just have to worry about how many thieves will get away from your watch. Pay attention to the area so if the thieves aren’t running out yet, be sure to scope out the are to see potential hiding spots.

This part of the segment is for the thieves. When playing as a thief your primary concern is staying alive. The good thing is that you won’t die right away as it takes numerous shots to take you down. Pay attention to the area to your potential hiding spots before you head out and run. There are arrows to tell you where you can go and that’s good so follow the green arrows.

Use your arsenal

Playing Snipers in Snipers VS Thieves seems easy but against skilled Thieves players means that you won’t be shooting down the opposition that easily. You can have different types of ammo and arsenal under your disposal. Knowing which arsenal to use is the key thing to remember. You should also know when to swap out the arsenal that you have so that you can take down those thieves really fast.

Run and leave

This tip is for Thieves and it can be hilarious when you play with friends as your fellow thieves. Thieves go out one at a time or you can go out at the same time to fluster enemy snipers. One thing you can do for fun or for strategic reason is to sprint when the other thieves are running out. If you’re the one being targeted then that can be a problem but you can always just run and leave your fellow thieves behind.

Be ready to shoot or dodge with the help of our Sniper VS Thieves hack, cheats, tips and guide. This game can be downloaded on both iOS and Android.


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