Cheats and Basic Guide for Beginners is another clone of that has recently become a popular fix among browser gamers. This game is very similar in terms of gameplay and features, but it’s quite minimal in graphics and dare we say, is a lot more fluid in terms of the snake’s movements. Are you ready to take on the challenge and then compare which game you like better? Here is our cheats list to help you become the biggest snake on the field!

snakeio cheats

Game features and objectives.

In this game, you are required to grow your snake by eating the small dots that you come across with and by causing other snakes to bump onto you. You can also play with your friends and aim to get your name on the high-score list on the upper right corner of the screen.

Eat all you can and keep to yourself.

Stay away from the action to avoid bigger snakes from seeing and devouring you, and eat all the dots that come along your way to grow longer more quickly. Start exploring only when you feel you’re big enough to eat smaller snakes.

Hunt and eat.

This is a much quicker way to grow bigger, but only do this when you’re already big enough to eat other snakes. You can hunt in two different ways. Encircle smaller snakes until they bump to your sides, and glide beside a snake that you want to eat, gain a little speed and move up past your enemy snake a little and turn suddenly. This will cause your opponent to bump onto your side and explode into a multitude of pieces that you can eat! Take down only those that you can handle and don’t be too overconfident.

Avoid crashing!

Try not to crash against your opponents or you’ll explode to pieces. When that happens, you’ll either start from scratch or restart as a small snake in a lower level. When players crash against others, a feeding frenzy will ensue and you might want to avoid it if possible. But if you feel like you can handle it, eating the remnants of other snakes will make you longer a lot faster than smaller dots you find elsewhere.

When your snake is a lot longer, you can use your body to protect your head by going into a ball. Other snakes will crash against you but you will not. You can then feed passively and grow even bigger.


You can spring forward by pressing the boost button below the screen. This can help you ambush other snakes and encircle them. Also, you can press boost to get out of a feeding frenzy.

Be wary of snakes trying to cruise beside you.

Bigger snakes that glide beside you are not your friends! Chances are that they want to trick you by getting ahead, turning abruptly so you’ll bump onto them, and finally devouring you. Cruel world.

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