Smashy Cars io Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Nowadays, online arcade games are some of the best to play because they don’t require too much time on the part of the player and not much grinding is needed just to level up. With that said, Smashy Cars io is a real-time multiplayer game that you will surely enjoy. Try as fast as you can to travel the course without losing your flag, getting bumped by other players, or slowed down by different obstacles. Excited yet? Here are some of our Smashy Cars io hack and cheats to help you play longer!

smashy road io hack, cheats

Set your name and you’re good to go!

First thing you need to do is to set your username as it appears before you start, and then you’re good to go! Choose a good name and as with any online game, don’t reveal too much about yourself, protect your identity!

All cars are not created equal!

Pick a car that is easy to manoeuvre. Remember, in this game, you have to outrun your opponents to get away with the flag. Keep in mind, too, that the obstacles are a great game-levellers. If you pick a small and faster car, chances are that it will be less easy to control, especially when you’re jumping ramps. On the other hand, if you are driving heavy truck, your speed will be a bit compromised. Choose one that corresponds to your style of driving.

Unlock new cars!

The longer you run with the flag in tow, the more coins you receive once each level is over. These coins can be used to purchase new cars. You can also earn gift boxes that contain game currency. Play as much as you can to earn more of these and unlock all of the cars eventually.

Try using all of the cars!

Try out all of the cars to know which one will work for you best. As soon as you unlock a new one, test it out to see if you like the handle and how it fares with sudden turns and when you get bumped by opponents.

Check out the field before you start!

An opportunity to visualise the track and check out the flag’s location is possible just before the race starts. Always look for that arrow and focus. If your car is fast enough you’ll get to the flag in no time.

Get to that flag first!

Get to the flag quicker than your opponents can. If you happen to pick a fast car, then chances are that other cars won’t be able to catch you, no matter how hard they try. On the other hand, if your opponent happens upon the flag first, don’t worry, just stay in an area where that car would likely pass and bump it as soon as you get the chance!

Practice sudden turns and reverses!

Trick your opponents using sudden turns and reverses. A reverse-turn is also a great way to lose your pursuers a few meters down the road. The key is anticipating where your opponent is going if you’re not holding the flag. On the other hand, if you have the flag, make sure that you run in random directions. Don’t give your opponent easy clues as to where your car will go every time. Also, avoid corners and memorise dead ends!

That’s all for our list of Smashy Cars io hack and cheats. Do comment below if you have more to add!

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