Smash Monsters Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

If you want to participate in city smashing and destroying buildings and relieve some of that stress off, then this game is a must-try! Smash Monsters allows one to play as any scary-looking, giant character that is capable of destroying rows of establishments in a given level. Excited yet? Come play this unique RPG and try to smash those structures in as few tries as possible and prevent those cities from fighting and destroying your monsters back with our list of Smash Monsters City Rampage hack and cheats!

smash monster rampage hack cheats

Game premise.

The objective of the game is to flatten the city within a few minutes or until your yellow gauge is full. Initially, you will be given an opportunity to level a few buildings in the tutorial. Your monsters get stronger and you over time, you are allowed to bring more than one to flatten out a landscape!

Smash rows of buildings only until they’re almost destroyed!

When you deal your final blow, these buildings will explode from the impact of your attack, even on a different row. Just pay attention to the yellow gauge and when it’s full, then expect fireworks and half of the city decimated.

Cities defend themselves, too!

Don’t think for a minute that the cities you smash are docile and would not retaliate. Notice the little towers that fire shots at you? Take them down first, since these are the ones that needed to be attacked the most to fall. However, if you feel that your monsters’ power are slowly waning with each succeeding chapter, then work on improving their stats and feeding them appropriate food to level up and get stronger!

Select the buildings that bring you the most value!

At some point in the game, you will learn how to build your own megacity. Some production buildings can yield so much but hold so little and vice versa. Always choose those that can produce and hold as much as you need. Strategize by choosing the high yield-low storage ones if you are the type of player that logs in multiple times in a day, and well, you get the picture.

Place buildings strategically!

Don’t group together buildings of the same element in one area of your city so that if monsters attack, that group won’t be taken down at once. Try not to place establishments of the same element together.

Complete missions!

Performing missions (story and achievement) is the core of the game, not only to progress the story line, but also to earn and collect freebies as well. And also, what kind of RPG does not require you to complete missions, anyway? Completing Smash Monsters objectives will earn you Element X or the premium game currency, free blobs, and Power Stones that turn your monsters into different, more powerful ones. However, this game looks a little too stingy in giving away these premium items, so you might resort to in-app purchases.

These are our Smash Monsters City Rampage hack and cheats for now. Please leave a comment below if you have better strategies for us to try!

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