Slotomania Free Coins Hack for Unlimited Amount of Coins

Slots games have always been on top of everyone’s list when it comes to passing time.  The great news is that anyone can now enjoy these highly addictive games on mobile.  And among these slots games, one stands out as an interesting and refreshing take on a gambling game, so practice your spins and check out our Slotomania free coins and strategies guide.

slotomania free coins

Many guides that i found only share with you some share links to get a very small amount of free coins, which in my opinion, is not scalable and easy to use. In this guide, i will show you how to get Slotomania free coins for absolutely nothing, no need to hunt for free coins share links every now and then which is a total waste of time. Spend your time enjoying the game instead. So here are a few basic tips and hack for Slotomania free coins.

Update: this post was last updated on 12 March 2018

Basic Slotomania Information

Multiple Slots in One Game.

Slotomania is actually a collection of colourful slot machines rolled into one.  Free slot machines are available to be played, but you may also unlock others by paying for them or reaching a certain level in the game.  Coins are quite important in the game because the more you buy, the more you will be able to get hold of more interesting machines.

Play Daily for Slotomania Free Coins.

Coins can be had for free by playing daily and they are also available as in-app purchase.  With a little more patience, you’ll get to save up coins to use for playing, no need to shell out money to really enjoy the game.  However, keep in mind that any type of slots game can be quite tricky.  Just make sure to stop after a few winning streaks and don’t push it.  Don’t try to immediately “recover” coins that you just lost, or else, you know where you’ll be headed.

Pay for new machines or Level-up.

Unlock better machines by betting big and earning coins.  The more coins you accumulate, the quicker you can buy better ones.  Moreover, level up fast to unlock and see even more challenging slots quickly.

Piggy Bank Coins.

Some coins cost much less like the ones you get in your piggy bank.  These are presumably excess coins that you save up for each time that you make a bet and play the slots.  Always check these out before buying at a much price.

Not all machines are created equal.

You can certainly play your favourite slots over and over or replace them when you finally get bored with them.  However, you get a different gameplay for each machine that you pick.  Some are a little harder to play but may offer better winnings or bonuses may vary slightly.  Moreover some may have different number of lines from machines that you might be used to playing.

Unlock and try all of the machines.

You can keep the ones you particularly like playing later on.  Bonus games are also quite enjoyable to play and each machine offers a different game, so you might want to explore everything just for fun.  Also, if your app uses up too much of your memory, just delete some of the machines from your game.  You can bring them back anytime anyway.

Idle play.

Like any other mobile game, you can set it up on auto play and it will play on its own.  Just long-press the green button and pick the “Auto Spin” choices available for you.  You can configure how many spins you like for a game.  Just remember to go “off the Spin” first, before you can actually set up the auto spin.

How to Win and Earn Bonuses and FREE Items

Understand the odds.

Slots are very fun game for their colourful and elaborate prizes.  But out of all the games in a casino, online or not, the game of slots has the worst odds to offer to a player.  The longer you play the slots at one time, the more you will probably lose.  Slotomania may be similar, but you won’t lose REAL money, unless you squander all your fortune on in-app purchases, in that case this doesn’t apply.

Avoid spams and scams.

It is important to remember that this slots game can only be played online, otherwise all of the stats and game results will not be displayed.  So if you see spammy-looking ads that offer you “free coins” or “guaranteed cheats” and are seriously considering them, then chances are that you are about to be scammed.  Stay away from these links or sites.

Always watch out for special bonuses.

You earn these free coin packs for each time you play.  Daily plays can earn you the coveted “Lotto Bonus” that consists of hundreds to thousands of coins, depending on your luck.  This coin source is consistent, but it’s awfully slow to happen again.

Play on FB and ask friends for gifts.

This is a legit way to earn free gifts. However, take care not to send your boss from work multiple requests in a day!  Be sensitive when you’re practically begging for freebies AND asking them to play Slotomania at the same time—they actually have to be in the game to send you gifts.

Also, configure your FB settings to make sure that any Slotomania progress doesn’t get publicly posted on your timeline.  You don’t want your employer to see you playing Slotomania during work hours, do you?

Spend REAL Money for Slotomania free coins.

This is another way to earn free coins, but don’t spend too much money on a mobile game to really have a “positive” experience out of it.

Participate in contests and tournaments.

Contests and live tourneys are excellent sources of free coins.  As long as you don’t lose real money, then participate in all of these games whenever you can.  Who knows, you might just win or place high, in that case you’ll definitely earn free coins.

Bet Big to Win.

Earn more points by betting big—and winning.  The way to win is to keep on playing and if you are feeling lucky and if you have the coins, then join all the tournaments and be prepared to wager a lot.

Slotomania is a fast-paced and visually-attractive game to play.  Not to mention, if you have friends who likes casino games as much as you do, then be the first one to invite them to try, so you can also earn those free coins and gifts!  This is also a great game to play for those who are addicted to slots and are trying to wean a little from the real stuff.  Enjoyed our Slotomania free coins information, tips, and strategies?  Go ahead take your first slots spin and don’t forget to share your tricks with us!

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