Slash Mobs Cheats, Tips and Guide

Slash Mobs is a tapping simulator that lets you battle it out against mutant monsters and defeat them! Unlock more heroes to help you overpower those cute-looking mutant enemies. Ready to challenge a friend? You can also play a game of who gets the highest scores after rounds and rounds of regular enemies and mini bosses. Here is our list of Slash Mobs cheats to help you get started!

slash mobs cheats tips and guide

Objectives and game features.

This adventure tapper takes you to the role of a hero with the objective of slashing as many monsters as you can. You can also upgrade and purchase new heroes to help you take down tougher monsters later on. Gold coins that drop from each attack can be used to upgrade or buy new characters.

A new enemy turns up right after you kill the last one, so make sure to tap incessantly to keep your momentum going and those coins dropping!

Save up coins!

Coins are everything in this game because they are used to improve your attack damage through upgrades and purchase of extra heroes. You can also save up 1000 gold coins to buy the rage mode! This multiplies the damage up to 10 times!

Keep a close eye on how much damage you’re dealing by watching the white numbers that appear every time you hit the enemy with your weapon.


Level up your (and your allies’) abilities by checking out the player icon at the left most part of the bottom screen. If you see the word “New”, then there could be something that you can purchase that could considerably improve the damage attack of your players.

Invest in good players such as warriors, dwarves, swordsmen, etc. and Chris Gopher. Yes, we made it that way because it is absolutely essential that you get him in the team and upgrade, since he can deal the most damage among the selection of characters.

Remember, a better strategy than having all of the different types of characters to your team is to upgrade them to their best potential for an awesome collective damage power! However, we doubt if you can max-upgrade them though, since each can be upgraded up to 800 times, can you just imagine how much damage in billions that is?

Play daily for bonuses!

There is nothing wrong with playing daily and hoarding bonuses, especially for games such as Slash Mobs. You also need to grind and repeat playing previously completed stages X number of times to rack up money for upgrades and purchases. Also, playing continuously will help you earn chests that contain awesome items that you can use such as weapons, armour, skills, and more.

Watch ad videos to earn coins, gems, and shards. All of these are necessary to improve your abilities and equipment.

Upgrade your tap!

Tap damage is equally important, so you won’t have to exert too much effort to take advantage of your heroes’ damage abilities.

Hope you’ll find our list of Slash Mobs cheats useful! Enjoy, and don’t forget to share your tips and tricks, if you have more by commenting below.

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