Sims 4 Dine Out Cheats and Guide to Building The Best Restaurant

If you like simulation games and you totally enjoy diner and restaurant themes, then browse our Sims 4 Dine Out Cheats and Guide to start your resto from the ground-up and make your Sims dream come true.

sim 4 dine out cheats

Build Your Sim

First, you need to build your sim.  You may choose to create one out of your likeness or experiment to come up with an interesting character.  You can modify your sim’s traits, skills, careers, properties, and even relationship status, so get creative!

Scout for a Good Lot and Build Your Restaurant

After building your sim, choose a neighbourhood to start your restaurant in.  Each area is divided into several neighbourhoods, where you can click to see info of the households and the community in general.  Use your sim to grab from mod libraries.  Click the “Ownership” à “Buy a Restaurant” and pick lot.

Transfer Household to Business Funds

Simoleons are units of the Sims series currency.  Everything you do in this realm, like property modifications, furniture additions, employees’ salary, etc., is paid for in simoleons.  Moreover, business and household funds are separate, but you can transfer some of your money from one fund to another.  Choose what you buy carefully and make sure to think long-term when buying items.

Hire Affordable Staff.

To add people to your staff, click the following:  “Business” à “Manage Employees”.  Initially, you should hire one of each basic skilled employees to cook for you (Chef), to manage your clients (Host), and to wait and serve tables (Waiter).  Basic staff may be trained to increase their skills and values.  Also, you’ll eventually be able to afford better-skilled people once you saved enough moolah and when you’re ready for restaurant expansion.

Plan Your Menu with Your Chef in Mind.

Consider your chef’s abilities when building your menu.  Fancier dishes that cost a lot more can be prepared by higher-level chefs.  If your chef has a hard time preparing superior dishes, then it might be time to invest on a better one or maybe train your existing chef, so that better-priced food can be prepared and served in your resto.  Better chef = higher food difficulty = better ROI.

Pay for Ads.

Like any normal business, customers need to know about your restaurant and what better way to do this than to advertise!  Do this by clicking:  “Ownership” à “Advertising”.  Bring in more customers by using ads, but careful not to overdo it!  Consider your resto’s capacity because you do not want unattended customers walking out, it’s bad for business!

Ambiance and Overall Restaurant Quality.

Aside from hiring very good staff, restaurant set-up or ambiance, mark-up, speed of cooking, and other factors play a role in improving your restaurant’s overall reputation.  It is important to take into consideration all of these things to grow your business and enjoy your game.

Watch your Business (Like a Hawk).

Supervise your employees while working and observe their behaviours. Also watch out for your customers’ reaction to their service.  Gain distinction by serving the correct order, doing it quickly, and being courteous all the time.  Criticise them if they’re not doing their job well.  Don’t be afraid to fire hopeless employees and replace them with (hopefully) better ones.

Train and Inspire Your People.

Like real employees, boost their morale by giving a speech.  This should improve the quality of their service.  It will cost a few Simoleons but you’ll definitely earn more stars.  More stars = More customers = Better business!  You can also train them by clicking:  “Ownership” à “Manage Employees”

Tell us about your sim!

Our Sims 4 Dine Out Cheats and Guide is not intended to make you an expert instantaneously.  Trial and error and lots of practice helps!  Share your trade secrets at the comment section below!

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