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Score! Hero is a one of a kind soccer game made especially for the iOS platform. The ultimate goal it to make the right shots in order to score and beat the round. This is why many have loved Score! Hero after its launch.

Ever Since this app was introduced, many have been playing it often and turning the newcomer as the best football player and a star of the football team.  However, using simple controls do not mean that this game is an easy one.


The real game can be hard because there are defenders ready to intercept any pass especially if they are not done properly. Not only that, once the ‘line drawing’ skill does not aim the very corner of the goal, the opponent’s keeper can easily catch it and tip it away.

This amazing football sim game offers a lot of possibilities with regard to match flow. However, winning games and becoming a superstar is never easy. In order to get three stars in each stage, a winning strategy is a must. Below are some of the Score! Hero’s cheats and tips for all those who want to be winners:

Don’t spend the acquired cash to rewind.

Instead of using the hard earned cash to rewind, it is always a best move to just wait to get the complete player customizations. Even if it means losing little amount of energy for skipping a rewind, it is worth it. However, the rewind     button must still be monitored for free rewinds anyone can take advantage of.

Collect a lot of free cash.

This can easily be done by advancing through the game. Another way to gain free cash is to always watch ads for free cash. Connecting the game to Facebook will also give 5 free cash in return.

Try different strategies to get different results.

There is definitely no one way that will work on the game’s mission. It is recommended to always try different strategies for greater possibility to succeed. However, it is important to set a single strategy from the start and follow it.

Try to hit the corners.

It is usually the top or bottom part which will be considered as goals in many missions of the game. That is why it is very important to have the skill in making those shots and not just try anything else. The easiest corner to score will be the one where the keeper is very far from.

Replay the stages again and again.

Sometimes, a bit of luck is needed to get the complete three stars. There will be times that a different tactic may work, and it can only be achieved by playing repeatedly.

Make use of the zoom in with camera moves.

The best player to catch the ball might be invisible during the default view. This is the main reason why it is a must to use the zoom feature to see every single player. Moving the camera can also help in deciding which player is in the perfect position to pass the ball to.

Know how to to curl the shots.

It could be really hard to do but a player need to make an effort to get it there. Curled shots are far more complicated to parry and these shots usually result in more goals.

Making it difficult for the goalie to get the ball by kicking the ball into the top of the goal.

Kick the ball too low and the goalie will just dive or even slide in order to stop it. Keep it high so he will have a hard time to do anything about it.

There are times that the best thing to do is wait while building up play.

Don’t be afraid to pass the ball short often. This will eventually open up an the opportunity needed to succeed in the game.

After beating a stage, ace it.

Make sure to score in every stage and remember that one star is always better than none. After accomplishing each stage, the requirements will be more familiar and being able to ace them will be attainable. .

Buy unlimited lives.

One of the best offer is the unlimited lives for 24 hours straight.     Unlimited tries may not be as good as unlimited replays, but it is still a big plus to ace many levels, including the very difficult ones. It is highly recommend to get the first one upon reaching season five.

Pass wisely.

The closer a player can arrive to the goal, the simpler it will be to hit the ball in. Just be sure to stay from the defense or else the opponent will boot the ball away and steal it. The round will then start right back over.

Draw a line to each teammate where to pass the ball.

Aside from creating a chance to score, this will also help to prevent the other team from intercepting the ball.

Score! Hero uses a 3-stars system. in order to achieve 3-stars, a player needs to play the with the requirement. Some of the requirements include scoring in the bottom right corner, scoring using a header, and doing 3 assists using a hero. These stars are needed to advance in the next season.

The first star can simply be earned by scoring the goal while the second two stars can be earned by successfully completing some challenges while scoring a goal. Most of the time,  a single star will be earned simply by scoring a goal using a hero. The other stars will come from other random challenges  like scoring with a header, scoring anywhere within 10 yards,  and kicking the ball while on the top right side of the goal.

It could be pretty difficult to play and mastering each level with 3 star ratings might be impossible. With the help of these Score Hero tips made for beginner to advanced players, anyone may unlock all seasons as well as get 3 star levels.


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