Sacred Legends Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Looking for an epic RPG to try? Sacred Legends is a great mobile game that does not require you to memorise a lot of keys and buttons just to make your hero move. Nevertheless, it has all of the elements of a good adventure game and it lets you play a hero against forces of evil, upgrade your hero’s abilities and equipment, explore the realm, experience the plot, and more! Without further ado, here is our list of Sacred Legends hack and cheats to help you begin your journey to free Ancaria from the hands of evil!

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This is game is arguably the simplest to play. The forging, upgrading, and other non-battle elements are the ones that you should really spend time learning about. During map battles, all you need to do is pick the type of attack/defence that you like and tap. You then get to watch your hero in action without exerting much thumb effort. Despite its simplicity, it does not take away the excitement from the game because you still get to choose and time your attacks enough to defeat all the waves of enemies that will come your way.

Cool downs.

Each type of attack or defence cools down after use, so make sure to time your moves properly and to avoid using your shots simultaneously. Otherwise, you’ll give your tough enemies plenty of time to beat you.


Play often and daily to earn bonuses and to help you improve your characters’ abilities and skills. Replay levels using a more difficult mode to earn better loots and points as well.

Upgrade the same things over and over.

You can equip yourself with the best armour, equipment, belt, and weapons possible, and enhance them if you collect items of the same nature but with lesser stats. However, you must only choose one item to improve, so that you’ll be able to create really good items to wear and use! Double the item’s experience by enhancing, but don’t use various types of items to process one thing, you might need those items to boost others that are just as important as well.

Gain three stars per level.

Like any other games of the same type, you must always finish each level with flying colours. Earn three stars each time and re-play to get another set of three stars. This will up your chances of getting the best rare item drops!

Collect gems.

Diamonds are used to purchase items that you can use like weapons, armour, equipment, potions, etc. from the shop. Don’t use them on pointless things like speeding up vaults for free items.

Open chests!

Make sure to count the times you open a specific chest, so you’ll know when to anticipate a rare or an epic item! Open the same chest 10 times and you will surely get something in return!

These are some of our Sacred Legends hack and cheats! You can certainly add more specific and effective strategies to our list by commenting below!

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