Saber’s Edge Cheats, Tips and Guide

Match-three/role-play mash-up games are becoming a lot more popular nowadays and with new games of this type coming out every week, this genre is sure to stay! With that, let us introduce you to Saber’s Edge. This game is an addicting turn-based match-three with a good story line and an awesome gameplay. If you are looking for a typical matching game with a little twist, then here’s our Saber’s Edge cheats and useful tips to help you start.

saber's edge

Game premise.

The main objectives are to collect all heroes, upgrade, and win battles to rule over the land…err…skies. You will also be required to “explore” the island and to match up the tiles on the board during skirmishes. Finally, this game will require you to grind to level up and collect items that you can use to boost your crew’s performance and

Pay attention to the tutorials.

In the first few minutes of the game, you will be given instructions on how to play the game and introduced to the story through dialogues and commentaries. Your first battle should give you an idea how the entire thing works, since it’ll always be about battles from then on.

Size up the enemy!

Always be mindful of your enemy’s abilities and weaknesses. Tap the character before starting a task and pick the best ones among your crew who, you believe, can take the enemies out to send to battle.

Characters are of different classes and based on these, you can choose your team’s build and upgrade them as frequently as you should. Others prefer to build a crew that is high on defence or choose characters with tank-like qualities. However, a better way to improve your chances of winning battles is to send out a well-balanced team each time.

Deal with the enemies individually.

Focus on one enemy at a time so that the damage dealt on you will decrease for every turn. Dealing with them all at once does not eliminate any one of them immediately, which could prove disadvantageous especially if one or all of them can deal a lot of damage per turn.

Match more than three tiles at a time for power-ups and better damage against your enemies. Doing this could end the battle quickly on your favour. Score an extra attack by checking your board for arrows and tilting your device in all directions.

Missions, upgrades, and bonuses.

Complete missions every single day to earn bonuses, XP, Heroic Packs for new characters, and rare items to use for upgrades and/or equipment for battle. Your gears are important to improve your characters’ attack and defence, so be diligent in collecting chest contents. You can also promote them for instant boost in their abilities. Max out your toughest heroes’ abilities before unlocking more of them to try.

That’s all for our list of Saber’s Edge cheats and useful tips for beginners. What are you waiting for, download, enjoy the game, and share your strategies with us by commenting below!

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