Rodeo Stampede Cheats

Rope and befriend all sorts of animals in this new and exciting wrangling game!  Rodeo Stampede will make you work that lasso, capture, and tame them wild animals.  If you particularly like endless, one-touch games, then this one’s definitely for you.  Collect various animals and transport them to enclosures in your fabulous zoo in the sky with our guide and some useful Rodeo Stampede cheats.


Upgrade your zoo habitats. 

Zoo habitats need to be upgraded for more income and for other added advantages.  Each animal gets an additional “skill” or “effect” if you upgrade their enclosure to a higher level.  Check out the habitat board to see what animal bonus a particular group has.  Upgrade all 8 habitats as much as you can too see all of these animal bonuses/benefits.

Collect rare, secret, and boss animals.

Rare animals will drop more coins when placed in the zoo and for each type of animal, you can earn a secret animal that has tons of skills and a boss animal that, well, has more skills and a cool moniker!  So ride 7 different wilds in a row in the jungle, the savannah, and in other areas of the map to see if you can unlock each of these secret and boss creatures.

Ostriches help you cover more distance.

Ostriches go on speed rush when they get enraged and you can choose to hang on for dear life or jump to another animal.  However, if you need to cover a longer distance, these animals can help you move with great speed!  You will come across ostriches as you go along in the game and they might help you achieve more bonuses for going the distance.

Don’t pass on missions to earn coins for upgrade.

A way to increase coin reserves is by collecting rare animals and completing mission objectives and fulfil different tasks.  Visitors may also drop coins, so you might want to hang out longer in the zoo.  Bump on the crates along the way to earn more of these useful coins.

Play as long as you can to earn bonus coins and points, and try to reach the 7500m mark in each of the areas in the map to unlock your boss animal.  For example, go to the specific animal habitat, Tiger, and then jump out of the floating zoo to start your ride in the jungle.  Reach the required mark to unlock HR Tiger.

Jump from one animal to another.

During a run, prevent your current animal from getting annoyed and tossing you off by jumping from one to another.  Riding an elephant too long can get it crazy.  An exclamation mark will warn you if you are about to get booted off its back.  You don’t want to fall flat in your face and restart your ride and stats.  The longer you ride in the game, the harder the obstacles get, and one of these is the animal herd.  To avoid the animals, jump from one beast to another to veer away from bottlenecks.

That is all for our basic guide and Rodeo Stampede cheats.  Start collecting all of the regular animals and unlocking all of the secret ones, too!  And don’t forget to share your tips by commenting below!

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