Redungeon Cheats, Tips and Strategies

Redungeon is a fun subterranean arcade adventure that lets you evade tons of booby traps, solve puzzles, avoid slime green enemies, defeat bosses, and just basically survive in the dungeons. This game has the makings of a true classic and we highly recommend you to try it. Embark on an underground adventure and slay those sinister creatures with our Redungeon cheats and basic guide for beginners.

redungeon cheats

Game objective.

The main objective of the game is to go as far as you can beneath the ground solving puzzles and dodging tons of traps along the way. I think it’s safe to say that the goal is to not get killed early in the game. You can also collect all characters as you go further into it and successfully dodge all of those scary booby traps throughout the game.

Be cautious, but be quick about it.

Booby traps litter the place, so take your time and slowly make your way to pass through one successfully. Also check for timing and the trigger patterns of each of the traps before you go forward, unless the ground is falling beneath you. Staying too long trying to figure out how to pass safely beyond a trap is not a safe as you think. Green slimes and bats can easily deter you and cause you to fail.

Don’ fall.

Falling can instantly kill you and restart the game. It can get tricky when you walk on corners, but with practice, you’ll learn to do it quickly and carefully. You can always do it again and again. Patience is more important than skills in this game.

Collect and save those colourful coins.

Gold coins are good, but red, blue, and green ones are even better. Use these to upgrade or purchase a new knight. A new knight costs a lot, but can deal greater damage than your original knight upgraded, so take your pick. Either way is effective. Don’t use your coins to continue a game, you can simply wait and have a go at it once the cooldown is over.

Choose a hero to focus on.

Carefully choose the right hero for the job. There are tons of characters to purchase and each of them has a specific set of skills that can’t be found on someone else. Pick a few favourites and upgrade them whenever possible.

Try over and over.

You can play a stage over and over to earn more coins or points. Truth be told, it is so easy to get a character killed in Redungeon, but with constant practice, you’ll not only earn coins, but also the skills to finish the more difficult parts of the game. Game will start only seconds after you get sliced in two or electrocuted…Brutal, but make sure to repeat until you get it right.

So there you have it. Our Redungeon cheats and basic information for beginners. Do comment below if you have more secret and awesome cheats to share to everyone.

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