Raid HQ Cheats, Tips and Guide

Raid HQ is a great game that lets you experience island-building and base-defending tasks and activities. With excellent graphics and easy-to-learn controls, you will surely enjoy exploiting island resources and managing your troops and attack other clans’ headquarters. Here are some details and useful Raid HQ cheats to help you start.

raid HQ cheats, tips and guide

Game features and objectives.

The game looks a lot like other popular strategy games, but this one is more of an arcade game than anything else. Your objectives are to build your crew in the form of cards and develop the island to defend it from other enemy invaders. You are also expected to upgrade your characters and allies abilities by grinding or playing over and over.

Upgrade bases and allies.

Building is a major activity that your troops will do in this game and over time, keeping your workers busy will ensure that your progression will be continuous. Upgrade your base to finish production quickly and for free.

One way to rack up points and money for base upgrade is to make workers raid for you until you have enough money to spend on boosts. On the other hand, you can improve production speed by watching movies. Upgrade your HQ to improve your defences. You can also “borrow” troops from your “clan” to help you secure your island.

Heroes and allies.

You can collect tons of other characters in the game. However, you should immediately recognise the rare ones because these are the ones that could deal plenty of damage against enemies.

A good strategy to try is to initially upgrade everyone on your list and collect the same characters that you get from treasure chests and other means. Get rid of characters that you have no use of and strengthen those that you frequently used because of their abilities.

Character affinity and vulnerability.

When choosing allies to help you defend your turf, keep in mind that some are weak against specific enemies. Blue is vulnerable to green, green to red, and red to blue. For this reason, you must keep a good mix of your allies before sending them out to prevent getting overwhelmed easily. Before launching an attack, you can actually check the type of enemy that you are about to take on. Bring or send out the appropriate characters to improve your chances of winning the battle.

Even when performing usual missions, check the colour affinity or vulnerability of the character that you are trying to send out.

Collect bonuses!

Chests are offer a different type of excitement on their own. You can get them in exchange of gems. Premium ones are truly awesome and you can get a really good mix of characters if you decide to get premium chests. VIP chests are sent every 3 hours.

Attack other islands.

Defeat other islands and HQs to earn cards that have special items. Do this often and save up on tons of cards that you can still use later on in the game.

Save up money to play with your friends.

Like to play with friends? Save up tons of game currency to unlock the PVP mode. Upgrading the headquarters gets you closer to unlocking this mode.

These are our general info and useful Raid HQ cheats. Comment below if you have more ideas to share to our fellow players!

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