Primal Legends Cheats, Tips and Guide

Looking for a different, hybrid match-three game? Here’s one that you can potentially enjoy. With its mash-up genre, Primal Legends offers a one-of-a-kind turn-based role-play and matching game experience. So if you’re ready to win all the levels and collect the characters, then here’s our Primal Legends cheats and useful strategies for beginners!

primal legends cheats, tips and guide

Game premise.

This game is an amalgam of genres and the main objective is to win each of the 200 levels by matching items on your board and zapping the corresponding tiles from your opponent’s board. You can play versus AI or anyone else in the world. You and a player get a board wherein you have to take turns playing match-threes and subsequently zapping each other’s boards and taking out all of the tiles.

Join a team!

You can join a team to ensure that you’ll be successful on each battle. You can use your team’s colours and their awesome heroes in your adventures too! Win-win!

Take note of your heroes on your right side panel.

On your right side, you will find a panel with various heroes that can help you deal damage using power-ups. All of them have meters that fill up whenever you match or combine the appropriate tiles for each of them. For example, if you match red tiles, then your red hero’s power up meter will surely fill up and you will be able to use it to deal more damage against your enemy’s board.

Watch out when your turn ends.

Whatever power-up you earned on your turn can instantly be destroyed by your opponent. So make sure that you’ll be able to use your heroes before your turn ends, otherwise, you run the risk of losing them when your opponent takes its turn.

Take on missions first before anything else.

If your mission tells you to take out one of your opponent’s characters, then do this first before finishing all of the tiles on the enemy’s board. Always check out your heroes’ meters, so you can use their power-ups once they get filled up.

Completing single-player missions can eventually earn you chests. However, don’t open them up yet, wait a little while longer to obtain better freebies or bonuses. Also, don’t wait too long to open your chests because you can only store a few chests at a time.

Unlock new heroes!

You can purchase heroes from the shop, so always watch out for excellent deals. You can also get them in exchange for gems. Gems are hard to come by, but you can also pay for them at the shop.

Win battles!

This one should be obvious! Challenge players to a duel in the arena and win the battles for freebies. You can earn a chest each time you win and an even better one if you win five times in a row.

These are just some of the Primal Legends cheats that we can come up with at the moment. Please don’t hesitate to share your tips and tricks if you are into this game by commenting below!

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