PolitiCats Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Looking for a silly and addictive cat game to play and help pass the time? Download and try PolitiCats! This senseless endless tapper will surely have you glued to your screens multiple times a day. It lets you play as an aspiring cat-politician and you have to hire the right people to win the elections and defeat your opponents every time. Here are our PolitiCats hack and cheats list to help you rise from being nobody to a trillion-dollar political powerhouse!


Tap as quickly as you can!

Tap quick and you’ll earn tons of admirations, donations, gifts, and paws! Early on in the game, you will find it quite easy to defeat your election opponents, but it will be different as you go along. Once you find it harder to beat a political rival, upgrade your tapping power and hire more staff to help you in your campaign! Also, be prepared to do the same things over and over. Grind and be patient!

Hire and upgrade!

Tap those money icons that appear from people who come to your campaign sorties to increase your funds to hire a campaign manager, running mate, social media manager, cat lady, and more. Then, upgrade them all equally, while also levelling up your tapping power! You can then try your luck again in another election. Eventually, you’ll also be able to afford various types of boosts that you can use during elections such as the invisible paw, wave of support, and more—all of which are upgradable as well.

Customise your PolitiCat!

Some hats, eyewear, and other outfit can help you earn more votes or improve your cat’s overall appearance. Make sure to check out the customise button once in a while to see if there are any free items that your cat can wear. Keep on playing to earn lots of diamonds and purchase even cooler outfits and accessories!


Sure you’ll have to repeat the senseless tapping over and over again, but trust us, you’d be way happier seeing your cat earn more votes a lot more quickly! Also, the more you retire, the better bonuses and powers you’ll earn over time and the quicker your cat will go up the political ladder! Endorsements are also earned for every time that you choose to retire. If you think that it’s a lot harder to level up your cat, retire and then do all the things your cat needs to do again to become the best politician in town!

Earn coins and diamonds!

Complete achievements, play on FB, and add your friends to earn diamonds and coins that you can use to earn votes, purchase better boosts, powers, outfits, and more!

Utilise your boosts during elections!

Don’t forget to hit the invisible paw and your wave of support to get a head start against your opponent during elections. Also, take care not to use the boosts against an easy opponent because it can take quite some time to cool them down for you to be able to use them again.

So there you have it. Our PolitiCats hack and cheats! Do comment below to share your strategies and tips to help other players beat the game!

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